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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ramya's New HKFOs... Spina Bifida Won't Keep Her Down!

Ramya had KAFOs (leg braces that went up to her thigh), but she was really struggling with walking and posture, so we had her fitted for HKFOS (leg braces that go up to her tummy).  Ron, at Hanger, did an awesome job as usually, and she loves them!  I can't wait to work on walking with her.... spina bifida isn't going to keep this girl down!  Here are a few pictures of her new braces....

We have two appointments downtown this week, so I decided to take the kiddos to Whole Foods for lunch to make our first trip special.  The love their gluten free pizza (you can even get it with dairy free cheese!!), and also enjoyed some sorbet for dessert. They were pretty happy kiddos!

Thursday we head down to see Dr. Goggins, our new orthopedic surgeon.  We are praying we can get a good picture of Madi's scoliosis and a clear game plan on how to proceed with detethering surgery.  I will keep you updated!

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