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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wooo Hooo for Madi's Amazon Associate's Account!

This month so far Madi's Amazon Associates account has earned over $90!! Our goal right now is to save up for a modified playground for Madi. The playground itself should not be too bad, as my dad can help us build it, but will still run probably around $1,000 or so. The rubber mat for underneath is also a HUGE expense. Originally we were planning on doing pour-in flooring, however, after we priced it we discovered we would need about $20,000 for it! YIKES! We are looking at rubber tiles now, which will cost much, much less (I think it came to just under $4,000, but need to re-price it). We have some much-loved family that has offered to help us out with the playground project (I'm not sure if they want to be named or not, but they know who they are!!) and that should cover the rubber tile flooring, as well as the concrete foundation we need, which is so very amazing. Now we're just working on the money for the actual play set. We are waiting on a few refunds to come through (everyone is so happy to take your money, but no one likes to give it back) for some medical expenses we paid. Basically, we paid a bunch of bills and then Madi got on Long-Term care, so some of those expenses should be refunded. The problem, though, is that they sent some back saying they needed more information (the most expensive ones, of course), and I sent the information back, but have heard nothing. I've called and left 3 messages, then finally opened a claim. I should be hearing back about whether or not they got the information I returned any day now. Once we get those refunds, we can begin our project. First will be a small retaining wall, then a concrete foundation for the play area. Next will be the actual structure, followed by the rubberized flooring. Finally, we will add grass in the area to the East of the play structure. Nothing fancy, but it will be super fun! I don't think people understand what this will mean for Madi, and honestly, I cannot really say I do either, but for someone so limited to the ground in what they do, being able to climb and have freedom will be amazing for her!

So back to what I was starting to say.... we are saving Madi's Amazon Associate's money to help with the playground construction if what we have coming is not enough. I know it seems like no big deal to use her link, but it is HUGE to us!!! A big huge "thank you" to everyone that orders through it!!

Making ocean cups on blue day... don't worry, I stayed glued to them, so they were safe even though they were up high!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We have a (shoe) WINNER!

Post #2

Brooke said...

These would be awesome for the new baby! I'll have to hold onto them for a little bit but it'd be well worth it!

August 21, 2010 9:59 AM


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There She Goes!

This video is from today.  Sorry, again, for the terrible quality.  I really need to empty my video camera so I can take good videos!!  Tami, Madi's physical therapist, was behind her helping her move her shift her weight.  Madi is catching on quickly!  She'll be up and running in no time!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess what we have??????????

Ok, so it is probably a pretty easy guess at this point. Today we got to pick up Madi's first pair of HKFOs! They are adorable and we love them! There is definitely going to be a learning curve, as Madi is used to her stander which stabilizes her. She also "walks" differently in her stander than she will in her HKFOs. She is excited about them, though, and has already been in them a bit today. She has physical therapy on Tuesday and I am excited to have Tami show me how to best help her learn to use them. Ron did a wonderful job (I knew he would!) and really thought of everything. There are locking joints at her knee and hip. There are also elastic straps in the back to help keep her from slouching over and to give her a little bounce in her step. I took a few different pictures so you could see exactly what they look like. I know it will take her a bit to figure out how to use the HKFOs, but I really think she is going to love these once she gets the hang of them. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Watch out world, here comes Madi!!


Getting strapped in :)

And we're up!

Madi and Ron

A photo by Conner

Madi from the back

Proud Momma and Madi

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adorable Shoes for an Adorable Girl... Come Win!

This will probably be my last giveaway for a bit, but I am having fun!  Elaina of Elainas (  made these adorable soft fabric shoes for me to give away.  They are size 6-9 months, but have some give size-wise.  They are super cute and very light weight, which is exactly Madi needs when she wears shoes.  Heavy shoes twist and bend her legs, but these little shoes are perfect!!  The shoes are reversible so they will match lots of outfits.  Here is a picture of what you can win:

And another view....

Cute, huh?!?!?!?  I love these shoes! 

Details:  I will pick the winner on Friday, August 27th sometime around 1 using a random number generator.  I will cover shipping, so these will just be free!

To Enter:  You have 3 ways to enter to win.  1- Comment here with who they are for (don't forget your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!); 2- 'Like' Elaina's shop on facebook (!/pages/Mill-City-OR/ElainasCottage-Babies/102894386425811?ref=ts&__a=7&ajaxpipe=1 ); 3- Go to Elaina's Store ( and tell me your favorite item.


Life is good!

And we have pictures to prove it!  Just thought I'd share some cute recent pictures of the kids.

Boy Kitty Wess and Conner

Boy Kitty and Madi

Eating the Peanutbutter for our Bird Feeders

Messy Play is a Therapy Goal We Take Seriously

A Sick Day....

Astronaut Outfit + Scuba Gear = Match Made In Heaven

And in other news, tomorrow is the big day!  HKFOs will soon be ours!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have I Mentioned How Much We LOVE Ron at Hanger??? Running, Here We Come!

Today I called Hanger, where Ron works, to check up on Madi's HKFO's (yup, I'm THAT mom!). I was told they were not ready yet, and additionally Ron was going out of town and was already booked up Friday, so even if they were ready, the earliest we could get them would be September 10th. I was incredibly disappointed that we were going to have to wait that long to get them. Madi has been trying so hard to make her legs work and stand up. She has been getting very frustrated with herself, and it's heatbreaking to watch. She does not want other little girls her size around her walking and gets mad at them, because of course, she wants so badly to be doing the same. At about 4, though, I got an amazing call. Ron's assistant, Mita, was calling to tell us that not only were they done, but that Ron wants us in at 10:30 THIS Friday to come and get them! WOW! Yes, the appointment they did not have because they were booked, we got! I have to say, God is really looking out for us! He just makes things happen (with a little help from Ron, who is amazing) and I could not be more excited! I told Madi about it and she is very excited too. I will update with pictures as soon as I have them. I need to clear out the video camera too so I can film her with them on. In the meantime, here is a cute short video of Madi dancing today. She really loves music and it is adorable to watch her dance. It was taken with my cell phone, so the quality is terrible, but you get the idea....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Wheelin' Around

We borrowed a tiny little wheelchair from the local spina bifida association while we are waiting on Madi's chair to be made.  The kids are having a blast riding around it in.  It's not really what Madi will be getting, but it is fun anyway!  Conner wants a big one (wheelchair) for his birthday... ha!

And the winner is.....

Number 17... off to check who that is and send an e-mail.  Congrats!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Contest :)

I've won quite a few contests in the past and thought it would be fun to do a few of my own on Madi's blog.  I asked a few tallented friends for help, and Leslie happily offered to help me on my mission :).  Leslie is the owner of Joyful Tie Dyes ( and makes super cute tie dyed items.  I have gotten quite a few cute custom shirts from her and they are always very high-quality.  I even had her make some old, ugly receiving blankets I had cute again! Leslie has offered up a beautiful playsilk that is 30" x 30".  In case you are not familiar with what a playsilk is, it is just what it sounds like!  It is a soft silk that your children can play with.  My babies liked to lay on them and chew on them.  They are perfect for peek-a-boo, and they make wonderful super hero capes.  We dance with them, they are the roofs on our lego creations, and so much more!  You will get the playsilk pictured below for free (I'll cover shipping) if you are the winner.  You can get up to 3 entries.  Please remember to leave me your e-mail address so I can e-mail you if you won.

Entry 1: Comment with who it would be for.
Entry 2: Go to Leslie's site and tell me your favorite thing
Entry 3: "Like" Leslie's facebook site (yes, I'll check if you are the winner and said you did this ;) ;))!/pages/Joyful-Tie-Dyes

Good luck!

Oh, and I will pick a winner on Sunday the 8th, sometime around 2ish in the afternoon.