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Friday, June 13, 2014

$15 off Your First Order at True & Co... Lingerie with free home try-on

My friend Carena shared her experience with True & Co, an online Lingerie store where you can get free at-home try on of bras.  You pick a box of 5 (you can pick the 5 that go in the box), then ship them to you free, you keep what you want, and you ship the rest back. It was super easy!  So far I'm very happy with what they sent (they ask you lots of questions to try and send ones that will be a good fit) and feel like they are a good quality.  Shopping for bras is just something I never get out to do, and when I try, I hate it.  I love how easy this was!  Here's a link for $15 off your first order if you would like to give them a try...

Happy Shopping!

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