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Monday, June 2, 2014

Take That Spina Bifida.... Updated Videos of Madi Walking in her HKFOs

Here are some updated videos of Madi walking in her HKFOs.  She has such a huge drive and determination, she amazes me every day!!  She is so strong and beautiful, inside and out, and is truly such a blessing.

Madi has a higher lesion of spina bifida, about an L2, and the doctors said she would never walk.  She is working really hard on proving them wrong! 

Madi has been expressing a desire to walk "all by herself" so Tami, her physical therapist, brought her this walker because it has a seat.  The seat prevents her from falling if she slips or loses balance.  For a while she wanted nothing to do with it, but the other day, she wanted in it and just took off.... literally!  She is a rock star!


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