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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sledding at SNOW!

Yesterday we went up to my parent's cabin in Flagstaff to spend some time in the snow.  We didn't have long, but we did have a BLAST!  This morning we went sledding.  My parents had bought a little sled at a garage sale for Madi that worked amazingly!  She had soooo much fun in it and it gave her enough support that she was able to go down the hill by herself.  The kids are already asking when we can go again :).  Here are some photos and a video of our little adventure...

Christmas at Our Casa

Christmas was wonderful and the kids are, officially, present crazy!  We spent a lot of time with family and friends, and that is just the perfect way to spend they holidays! 

I was really sad not to have Ramya with us, I do have to admit.  Her gifts sat unopened under the tree and it made me sad every time I saw them.  In October, when we heard our court process was done, was thought for sure we would have her home by Christmas, and were thinking it would even be much sooner than that.  In hindsight, we weren't ready (still just getting the room done), and it would have made things crazy, but hey, I like crazy ;)!  I know God's timing will be perfect and that we will soon have her in our arms, and that is what is important.

So without further-ado, here are some photos from our Christmas extravaganza!

First, a little rockin' around the Christmas tree....  

Christmas- Eve and Present Opening at my Parent's House:

Madi and Uncle "Bimmy"

Conner and Cousin Austin

Madi and Cousin Sierra

Conner and Cousin Lauren

Conner and Papa

Christmas at Our House with Friends and Family:
Madi and Mary

The boys, watching Elf

Fun games

Christmas with David's Family:
Conner and Madi with Grams and Grandad

The cousins together

Our family and David's brother Mark's family
Uma and Umpa (Conner and Madi's great grandparents) and the kids

And of course.... PRESENTS!

(She said all she wanted was a green puppy with green spots.  I finally found one on e-bay, and then she said it wasn't what she wanted.... love that stinker!!)

(Conner is the Lego KING!)


Fun at Our Local Spina Bifida Association Christmas Party

I am a bit behind on posts, so expect a lot of pictures and posts heading your way!  We had a lot of fun at this year's Spina Bifida Association of Arizona Christmas Party.  There were  more games this year, and the kids had a BLAST!  We really appreciate all of the support from our local SB chapter and always have fun at their events.  Here are some photos from the day...

Enjoying the games....

Making "Trees"

Sneaking some frosting....

Face painting and "clowning" around...

Madi's buddy Owen and his new service dog (SO COOL!)
And, of course, a visit from Santa


Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh My Sweet Girl....

See this sweet girl?

Yup, that's the one!  She decided this...
... My 4-month-old iPhone 4 that I got when we re-contracted with Verizon (thankfully it was free!!!)... Should go here...
Unfortunately I didn't sign up for Verizon's insurance or Apple Care (just learned about apple care a few days ago; about 4 months too late!!!), and also didn't have my phone backed up.  Verizon can't help me (though the very sweet man working at our local store tried SO hard) and the repair shop couldn't help me, so I have been without a phone for about a week.  Thankfully a friend let me borrow a phone tonight until I can get a new one.  I would just get some basic phone again, but iPhone 4's work in India (on Verizon's international plan), and since I'm headed to India without the family, I will need a phone I can take with me so that David can get ahold of me 24-7.  I think I found a used iPhone through a friend and, if/once I get it, I will be putting an otterbox on it and not letting adorable little girls use it unless they are sitting peacefully on the couch.  Lesson learned!  It's a good thing I love that little one so much :).
If you have tried getting ahold of me and couldn't, that's why! I now have the old phone activated, so I can get texts/calls again!

Joining the (Mini-van) Dark Side

Well, it looks like we will be joining the mini-van dark side.  I always said I would NEVER drive a mini-van, but recently realized that with two wheelchairs in our current car (Acura MDX), I, quite literally, have no where to put groceries.  Forget vacation, there would be no room for luggage either. 

A mom posted on an adoption group I'm on about a mini-van (Honda Odyssey) her elderly neighbor was selling.  It seemed to be a good deal, so we went and looked at it.  Despite the fact that I think he has graced multiple walls, curbs, and poles, the van is in good shape.  It runs great and checked out well at the mechanic.  The outside needs a little work, but they took slightly less than they were asking, so even with putting work in that it needs (new bumpers and new weather stripping on a door), we are still getting a great deal at below blue book.  We think we can sell my car for slightly more, which will give us a little extra to tuck away for a rainy day (and that is always nice!!)

We will be officially buying the van on Thursday!  I will admit, I am sad and will miss my MDX, but I know I am making the right choice for the family, and that is what matters.  I am excited for the extra room and the captain's chairs.  I know this van will serve our family well.  I can fit two wheelchairs, three kids, and even get the dog and/or groceries and/or luggage in there, so that's pretty impressive!  Not sure what we'll do if/when we adopt again, but we will cross that road when we get there ;).  I'll update on Thursday with a few pictures!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looks like.... hmmmm.... not sure!!

I'm hoping to have Ramya home in January.  The e-mail we got about a timeline said...

We need to get a date for submission of the documents for passport. Once we get it it may take one month to get the passport in hand.
We have 30 staff working in [edited out for privacy] including the child care givers.
We wish you and your a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year !!
I wasn't aware that they had to wait for a date to submit the documents for the passport.  I thought they just tried every morning until the system let them submit them.  I'm not sure how long it will take to get a date, or how far off that date will be, but I'm going to try to get a better estimate.  I am praying for no longer than a month.  Ramya turns 6 on March 7th, and I want my baby girl home for her birthday so we can celebrate her.  Please join me in praying for a quick passport process!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Little Adoption Video from Church Today (and a Little Peek at Ramya :))...

Today at Church we talked about fostering and adoption and what we can do to make a difference.  They asked us to do a little video on our story I thought I'd share. We actually taked quite a bit more, but they had to cut it down for time reasons. They are going to make us a longer one with more of our story in it soon (I will post it here when it's done... thank you Andrew!!!).

P.S. David said that they said we should adopt Ramya, which they didn't, but they were quite excited when we said we were going to!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A few more photos to share :)

These aren't so much my "maternity" photos, but I wanted to share, because they are pretty darn special!

Conner didn't want to coordinate outfits, because he did NOT want to be in the pictures.... until we got there and he wanted one realllllly bad :)

Madi refused to look at the camera :)

And Conner just had to hold the globe (but didn't want me to turn it to see India better ;))!!

I love those crazy kids!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Rejoice with me! Today we got news that the paperwork was received by the orphanage. The last step is to apply for Ramya's passport, and then I get to hop on a plane and get my girl HOME!! It could still be between 2 weeks and 2 months, but we are officially 1 step closer and on our final step!  I read all the paperwork, and I have to say, this is my favorite part....

... shall consider her as their own child...
I like the sound of that.  She is my child, now and forever!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Something Special from India

When I was looking at this photo, I realized I never told the very cool story of the ring you see on my right hand.

My grandfather (poppop) was in the military and traveled.  He liked to bring my grandmother (Nana) home jewelry and precious stones from his trips overseas.  He brought her many unique and beautiful things.  The ring you see on my right hand has an opal in it that he got for her in India many many years ago.  When my Nana passed away, my mother gave it to me.  I love the memories it brings back of my grandparents, how loving they were, and how many fun times we had together. I love that it reminds me of my angel waiting to come home to us from India.  I also love that it will soon remind me of my own journey there and the blessing from there that will forever be ours. 

My New "Maternity" Photos

My friend, Marissa, sent me an awesome picture she saw on the blog Adding a Burden.  I fell in love with it and my amazing friend, Colleen, who just so happened to have gotten a new camera lens she wanted to try out, offered to take a few similar photos of me.  She did a wonderful job and I just had to share!

P.S.  If you like the canvas I am holding, it was purchased from One Wing Boutique

P.S.S No adoption updates yet :(.  I spoke with WACAP today and basically they have e-mailed the orphange twice to ask about Ramya and they have not heard back.  I'm praying they at least have the court paperwork so they can now apply for her passport!