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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ramya's Appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon

On Monday we trekked back down to Cardon Children's Hospital to see Dr. Goggins, our orthopedic surgeon, but this time for Ramya.  This was her first visit with him as she previously saw Dr. Segal with Madi. 

Dr. Goggin's examined Ramya and said she looks good... her hips seem to be ok, her back seems to be straight, and he agreed with our decision to move up from KAFOs to HKFOs.  He was in a cheery mood and spent a long time with us.  It's so much nicer to see doctors out of their private office, instead of CRS.  At CRS they always seem rushed and stressed, but are always so much more relaxed in their offices. 

After the hospital I decided to take the kids to Butterfly Wonderland.  We have never been, and it's on the way home, so I figured it was about time!  The kids had a blast!  There was a 3D movie, a place you could view chrysalises of all the different kinds of butterflies they get, a really neat habitat with thousands of butterflies in it, a small aquarium, and a few other exhibits with bees, ants, and other desert creatures.  The really loved the 3D movie on the butterfly life cycle and butterfly migration.  They kept reaching out and trying to touch the butterflies.  They also loved the butterfly habitat and got very excited when a butterfly landed on Madi's foot and stayed for a while.  Ramya did NOT want the butterflies to touch her and kept hiding behind me, but she really did have fun too.  She loved looking at the butterflies, she just didn't want them near her.  Here are a few pictures from our visit...

(after they emerge, they catch them and put them in the large habitat)

(This is the one on Madi's foot)

Conner wanted to make sure that Ramya knew all about scorpions and centipedes (part of their extra exibits).  He insisted on lifting her up himself and explaining to her that if she ever saw one, she should not touch it, get away very quickly, and tell mom.  I made sure to hover just in case she slipped, but he did great and was quite proud of himself.

Our next appointment with Dr. Goggins isn't for 6 months for both girls, and this time, I think I can coordinate them!  YEAH!


1 comment:

Shellee said...

I'm so happy that you switched to Dr. Goggins! Olivia has seen him since she was born (4 years)! We love him and he's been so wonderful in checking everything and is great with Olivia!
We need to check out Butterfly Wonderland, I was wondering if my kids would like it, sounds like you guys did!