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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beating the Heat... Our Summer Fun With Ceramics at Home

I was taking the kids (squirrels??) to the grocery store the other day and the Ceramics At Home store I have always wondered about caught my eye.  I decided to take the kids in there and see what it was all about.  Basically you pay for your ceramic pieces (which are really not too expensive considering) and can paint them there for no additional cost or they will send paint home and you can paint them at home for no additional cost.  You also pay a firing fee on top of the ceramic fee, though.  If you like them on facebook, they post lots of specials, and they also publish a calendar with daily specials. 

The kids each picked a ceramics piece and wanted to paint it at the store.  They really took their time and enjoyed painting.  They were a little bummed they had to wait a few days to get their pieces once they were painted, but waiting is just one of those fun things you have to learn in life.  They were VERY excited to pick them up, and they were ready in just 2 days!  We will definitely do it again!

The girls needed some help but Conner did his by himself.  They all 3 had a blast!

Beating the Heat... Our Summer Fun With Making Vases

When I was teaching I would help my kiddos make vases or candle holders using little glass containers, colored tissue paper, and modge podge.  It was so easy and fun!!  I decided it would be fun to do with the kiddos as well, and they really enjoyed it!  We slightly watered down the modge podge to make it easier to spread, and you have to make sure to get modge podge both under and on top of the tissue paper, but you also have to be careful not use too much or the tissue paper will tear.

After we were finished I took the kids to the store to pick out flowers for their vases.  They really loved cutting the stems and arranging their flowers in their vases.  Conner decided to put his vase in his room on his desk, Ramya decided to put hers in the girl's bathroom, and Madi decided to put hers in her room on her nightstand.  It really brightened up their rooms!





Beating the Heat... Our Summer Fun With Our Green Kids Craft Box

This month's Green Kid's Craft box was all about water and the kids loved it!  They only have options to add one sibling, which is a bummer, but there are enough supplies to share and make all the kiddos happy, which is what matters!

First we talked about absorption and coloring mixing to make our cups mix and create a new color in the center....



We also made sail boats which was fun!  The kids loved making them and then taking them in the bath later. 

Green Kid's Crafts always includes extending activities and tell you the "science" behind the fun you are having, which I love!


Beating the Heat... Our Summer Fun with FOAM!

Warning, this was messy, but the kids loved it!!

Another warning.... I can't find the link we used for the recipe, but I know it was somewhere on this site...  We are finding tons of fun activities on that blog that the kids are loving! 

Another warning... I repeat, this is messy.

Ingredients: Corn Starch, Shaving Cream, and Food Coloring...  Add shaving cream, dump in enough corn starch until your level is right, then add food coloring.  Not technical but that's what we did. 


Fourth of July

I am a little behind on posting photos, but here are a few cute pictures of my adorable kiddos on the 4th of July . We sure are blessed!!

P.S.  Ramya wasn't wanting a picture, then decided she did, so excuse the random head turned ones ;).  She's cute even when she's not cooperating though.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beating the Heat.... Our Summer Fun with Lava Lamps

This was a FAVORITE for the kiddos.  We've done it again, and again, and again, and... well, you get the idea!!  It's so easy and fun!

You can find the directions here...

The clearer the oil, the better you will see the reaction.

Here are some photos of our fun....


Beating the Heat... Our Summer Fun With Making Snow

All you need is.....
And you can make snow!! 
You can even make it explode with vinegar... so fun!!
Just know it IS messy, and until it gets to "snow" consistency, well, it's going to get everywhere.  We went outside and the kids had a blast!  We've done it a few times now.  Here are a few pictures of the fun!