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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Modifying a Radio Flyer Cyclone for Children With Special Needs

I'm excited to write this post because this is by far the EASIEST modification we have ever had to do!!

I saw the Radio Flyer Cyclone and knew my girls would love it. 


We do not give the kids birthday gifts on their birthdays, since they get so much from everyone else, and instead wait until the summer to celebrate an "un-birthday" with all the kids at once.  Since the girls summer un-birthdays were just around the corner, I wanted to get them a cyclone.  I knew Madi's legs wouldn't stay on, though, and likely Ramya's legs as well.  I wasn't sure how to go about modifying but had heard a rumor that you could call Radio Flyer and they would send you a foot plate.

I called Radio Flyer and talked with a manager.  I was told that a mom had called up Radio Flyer looking for a way for her child to use the Cyclone.  Radio Flyer decided to create something for her, as well as others who were needing a modification (This goes to show you.... always ask!  You may not only help your child, but may also be paving the way for other children as well!).  Not only will they send you the plate to make it accessible, they send it completely FREE!  All you have to do is ask and sign a waiver saying you will not hold them responsible if something happens.  It's so easy!  The make each plate as it is ordered.  Our plates arrived within about a week and a half after calling and requesting it, and were very easy to put on.  They are made out of a type of strong clear plastic and Velcro, and work perfectly!  I love that Radio Flyer did this for their customers, and will definitely be buying their products again!

Here are some photos of our modified Radio Flyer Cyclones. 

It came with very easy-to-follow instructions, as well as all the tools needed for install.

Here's what the plate itself looks like...

You can see the clear plate attached under the wedge shaped piece in the middle....

Did someone say bubble wrap?!?!?!?  It always brings them running!

Madi needed a few extra straps to keep her legs in enough that they didn't hit the wheels and handles.  It was an easy fix and works well.  She LOVED it and didn't want to get off!

Conner had to try too, of course.

The plate works perfectly for Ramya, as her legs can just lay out flat without slipping.  After seeing the Cyclone put together, I knew her legs wouldn't have stayed on without the extra leg plate. 

A few photobombs...
And a quick little video of Madi trying it for the first time.  She's gotten the hang of it a little better now, so I'll try to get an updated video...

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