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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who Cares?

Sometimes I think back to all the things the doctors said about Madi and what our lives would be like.  They made it sound like such an awful thing that she might never walk.  They made cathing seem like the end of the world.  They said she might have a learning disability.  And you know what I say?  WHO CARES!  I get to love on this vibrant, life-loving, adorable little girl every day.  Nothing else matters.


Tracy Jensen said...

AMEN sister! AMEN!!!!!

Joy said...

Amen and Amen!! She is a precious gift from God!!

Gretchen said...

And THAT just says it ALL doesn't it???

I was trying to explain to a friend today... who cares? It's still my son! And I still don't think she got it :( sad...

LOVE you friend! (oh, and you know if you wnt to use Nat you totally can, right? anything you need or want let me know :-) )

Jill said...


That is the cutest. picture. ever!!