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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beating the Heat, Our Summer Fun.... Green Kid Craft Box

My kiddos loved their Kiwi Crate craft boxes that we got in the past.  We stopped for a bit and did the Magic School Bus kits instead, but they were missing their Kiwi Crate.  I decided to try something new, and signed up for a Green Kid Craft box instead.  We have only done one box so far, but my kids really liked it!

At first, I thought it was called the "green" kid craft box because everything in it was earth friendly and non-toxic.  Though I think that's part of it, the activities are also very "green", meaning a lot of them teach about nature (or at least they have so far... I just got our next box in and it also seems to be nature-ish). 

Our first month's box taught about botany and had lots of activities to teach the kiddos about plants.  There was leaf collecting, pressing, and rubbing, as well as some extension activities to teach about the parts of plants, etc...  Oh, and little boxes to decorate and keep plants in.  It also came with the books for leaf rubbings, crayons, and scissors, so no extra supplies were needed.  They really loved it!  We had a few extra kiddos too, and they loved it as well!


I think we will try it a few more months at least.  I'm glad the kids are loving it!  If you want to check out the Green Kid Craft Box, click here , and for $5 off a discovery box, science kit, or creativity kit, use code TAKE5SP .


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