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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some New Fun (Therapy) Toys!

First off is our new Leckey stander.  This beauty came to us totally free (thanks SO much Gina for letting us know about it and putting it on hold for us!!) and works great for both of the girls.  It helps Ramya feel secure so that she can focus on standing (she has a big fear of getting dropped and is used to supporting herself with her arms, so we are working through that with her).  It's also nice for Madi's legs because it holds them in a different position than her HKFOs do, giving her a different stretch.  Her legs have been less tight since we started using it.

Our next new items are our new Floor Surfers (tummy scooters or tummy board) from Southpaw Enterprises.  They have an awesome contoured base and nice foam top for comfort.  It's been great for building Ramya's upper body strength and Madi loves how fast she can go with it.  In fact, instead of crawling long distances on her own, she'll request it so that she can get there faster.  Both girls are really having fun with them!  These were purchased using the money from our Amazon Associates Account.  A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who purchase using our link, or share it with friends.  These have been amazing therapy tools for the girls, and they would not have been covered by insurance.  Here they are in use...

And last but not least...
A while back we bought Madi a set of used special tomato padded seats as she outgrew the toddler highchair we had at the table for her.  It held her booty great, but held her legs in an odd position because the seat was too long for the padding.  It also slid around on the chair a lot, changing her positioning during feeding frequently.  When we had her feeding evaluation, the specialist said that she thinks a big part of Madi's gagging/choking/throwing up during eating is positional.  She felt that getting Madi in the correct feeding position would help a lot with these issues.  We like the special tomato chair because 1- It goes with the padding we already had, 2- It isn't bulky but still gives her enough support and 3- It's easy to adjust and wash and 4- For a feeding chair, it's pretty affordable.  We could have requested it through insurance, but we are STILL waiting on the shower chair that was requested and fitted in January of this year so that she can take showers.  We were very ready to help Madi stop gagging during eating, and decided to use her Amazon money for one instead of going through insurance so that we could get it right away.  gh, We tried really hard to find a used one but never did.  We found a discount code, thouand saved a bit of money on it, which was nice!  So far it's been great and we've noticed a ton of improvement.... Yeah!!!  The foot pads don't match the pads we already had, but Madi doesn't seem to mind :).
Thanks again for all of your support.  We love our "village" and are loving our new equipment!

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