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Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess what we have??????????

Ok, so it is probably a pretty easy guess at this point. Today we got to pick up Madi's first pair of HKFOs! They are adorable and we love them! There is definitely going to be a learning curve, as Madi is used to her stander which stabilizes her. She also "walks" differently in her stander than she will in her HKFOs. She is excited about them, though, and has already been in them a bit today. She has physical therapy on Tuesday and I am excited to have Tami show me how to best help her learn to use them. Ron did a wonderful job (I knew he would!) and really thought of everything. There are locking joints at her knee and hip. There are also elastic straps in the back to help keep her from slouching over and to give her a little bounce in her step. I took a few different pictures so you could see exactly what they look like. I know it will take her a bit to figure out how to use the HKFOs, but I really think she is going to love these once she gets the hang of them. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Watch out world, here comes Madi!!


Getting strapped in :)

And we're up!

Madi and Ron

A photo by Conner

Madi from the back

Proud Momma and Madi


Cassie said...

Congrats on the HK's!! That is so exciting and they are so cute! :)

Jessica said...

Look at her!!! Awesome!

Heather Weir said...

So cute! She's beautiful. I'm so glad you got them early too. That would have been lame to have to wait so long to get these beauties!

GOod luck on the learning curve let us know how it all goes!

Mamitaliini said...

i remember this so well... my son loved his hkfo´s when he was smaller they were so cute and helpped him walk better.Now hes 14 we have here daily discuss do i need wear hkfo´s if mom dont need them too. do i really need walk cos mom cant walk. I say yes and yes. its just hard to find motivation to him cos i never had even hkfo´s at all i walked as child without them too. But after meningiittis i had 1996 i cant walk more than few steps with help. i can use legs help changing from chair to chair etc...
but cant walk like he can.i have try talk him how good it is that he can walk inside house even little its allways better than nothing.i hope he finds that joy of first walks again somewhere. maybe he sees theese pics too and sees how happy that girl is her hkfo´s of cource he have had also his first chair age 18 months so he has also freedom to move with chair

Leah said...

My son got his first pair of leg braces last summer around this time. They have enabled him to stand up independently at the table and play with his toys and take his first ever steps albeit in physical therapy sessions. Currently we are instructed to use the leg braces as part of his therapy regime. He also received a wheelchair for public places (he has no discernible hip function or leg movement either) and additionally I have seen flaccid paralysis in his legs (he is a L1 functionally). This brings back memories of that day for me. I cried tears at seeing my son take his first ever steps across the room with his physical therapist also looking on. We were at the hospital for a PT session with a new PT she was evaluating him. My daughter and I watched.