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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothing can stop her now!

Today we got to go pick up Madi's first ever wheelchair!  We had fun waiting for it and trying out different chairs while we did, as you will see below.  Madi calls it her "zoom zoom" and it is the cutest little thing I have ever seen.  Madi is already in love!  She amazed the therapists by getting on and zooming away.  She was so ready for this!  She got home and wanted in it right away.  She played at her play kitchen for a while then went to explore.  She even got a little help from her brother, who decided it needed to go a little faster.  Now we get to work on all kinds of fun stuff, like we never zoom in the street without mommy and daddy right there.  Without further ado, here it is!

We saw it right away!

Conner picking out his ;).... we have some major wheel chair envy going on

Testing them together

Finding other fun things to test while we wait

Testing her new walker

And there she is!!!

Learning how to use the wheelchair and adjust it

We are all excited!

Uh oh, she's already figuring it out.....

Cause I'm just too cute

Sittin' Pretty

Cooking food in the kid's kitchen

Extreme wheelchairing (within safe limits ;))

 Conner is such a great helper!!

And in other news....

Madi is frustrated by her walker and just wants to go.  Tami and I decided forearm crutches might be a great thing for her to use instead of a walker.  Of course, trying to order a pair would take another 4 months, and we need them now, so I went ahead and ordered them online with Madi's Amazon Associate's Account money.  Yeah for having that money!!!!!  I got her these.... and we should have them in a few days.  Another HUGE thank you to everyone who purchases with her link.  I know it seems like no big deal, since it's stuff you are ordering anyway, but it gets us the things we need to help Madi succeed, and that is priceless!  Thank you again!


Pooka said...

Oh, look how beautiful she is in her wheelchair! Congrats!!!

Cassie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chair! Awesome! I hope she does well with the forearm crutches, we bought some for Caleb and he just doesn't have the balance for them. The walker is much easier for him. I did the same thing, I ordered his online because I didn't want to wait MONTHS to get the crutches!

Heather Weir said...

SHe looks so cute in that little chair. I've seen so many little kids in little wheel chairs lately. I think it's amazing how they get around! I love it. Thanks for sharing! GO Madi Go!!

Ray, Star, Tanner, and Connor said...

Love the wheelchair! She looks so happy and cute in it!
How did you get set up for Associate's Account Money?? This would be an awesome thing for Tanner!

Ray, Star, Tanner, and Connor said...

Love the wheelchair! She looks so happy and cute in it!
I'm curious as to how you set Madi up for the Amazon Associate's Account money?? I would like to do the same for Tanner!

Jamie said...

I was going to e-ail you, but can't find how to, so I have to reply here. Basically, I just googled amazon associate account and applied using her blog as the website. They approved it, but it did take a bit of time :)