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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beating the Heat, Our Summer Fun... Tye Dye!

I've been trying to pick a few fun things a week to do with the kiddos to help beat the summer heat.  Our most recent adventure was tie dye.  We bought a kit for $15 at Hobby Bench that had everything we needed except for the shirts.  The kids had a BLAST and are loving wearing their shirts.  I think they did a great job for their first time!!

A few tips if you are going to tie dye with kiddos....

1) Put down a tarp or tablecloth (ours was one from the dollar store) that you can gather up and throw away.

2) Don't wear clothes you care about... I know this seems obvious, but I didn't think about my clothes, just the kids.

3) Talk about gentle touch first.  We went over how to squeeze the bottles, and the kiddos did great with that.  Unfortunately I forgot to talk to Ramya about gentle touch and putting the bottle down gently.  This led to her slamming down the bottle (she has a hard time with doing things softly), and covering my shorts and legs in red dye.  Lesson learned.

4) Get extra gloves.  One pair won't cut it.  Thankfully we have medical gloves galore over here.

Here are a few pictures of our fun and our shirts.

From left to right... Conner's 1st shirt, Conner's 2nd shirt, Madi's shirt, Ramya's shirt


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