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Friday, December 27, 2013

Hand Powered Power Wheels for the Girls

This year for Christmas I was really wanting to get the girls a power wheels car (double one) to share.  I looked up how to modify it to hand controls, and my dad felt that it was something he could do.  I started looking in November on Craigslist and didn't find anything for sale (by the time I'd e-mail on it, it was already sold).  Black Friday rolled around and I saw a generic one on sale at Walmart.  My brother loves to shop after Thanksgiving, and was going to Walmart anyway, so he picked one up for each girl.  It was cheaper to get two generic ones on sale than it was one non-generic double power wheels.  These technically fit two, but are smaller than power wheels, so we opted for one for each girl so they would last longer. 

The girls LOVE their cars and are having SO much fun in them!  I am praying they hold up, because they are generic and not made as well as power wheels, but I know they will love them while they last!

A big thanks to each of you who shop through our Amazon link and make purchases like this possible.  Though sometimes our purchases may be "extra" things that the girls don't have to have, it makes such a big difference with their quality of life to be able to enjoy "extra" things that bring them joy. 

A big thanks to my older brother, Tony, who went shopping for us and braved Walmart to find these for the girls.  You are awesome!

And a huge thinks to my dad, and his friend who is an elevator electrician and helped him, for modifying the cars for the girls.  We could not have done this without you and the girls are so proud of their papa for making it happen!

Without further ado, here are their cars!


And a picture of the push-button my dad used (look on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.... and I think the WM stands for "Walmart" :))...

A few pictures of the happy girls on Christmas morning...

Here a few pictures with my cute little guy too...
(This year's stockings were a new pair of PJs and a snack to watch during a family Christmas movie.  I think this is a new tradition for us.)



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