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Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Quick Deena Update

Saturday, the day after Deena's surgery, she was pretty tired and puffy still.  She stayed awake most of the day, wanting to spend time with her siblings and dad, but you could tell she wasn't feeling amazing.

We talked about doing a blood transfusion because her levels were still on the lower side.  The doctor left it up to me to chose, so I asked to give her another day and see how she did.  He agreed so I just watched her closely.  She only needed oral pain medication; she's so tough!  Physical therapy came and evaluated her and then we ordered a temporary wheelchair with elevating leg lifts, which came in late Saturday night.  Other than Deena feeling well, it was the big "thing" she needed to be able and go home when she was ready.  I always appreciate being prepared to discharge and not having anything holding you up!  I also realized her leg wasn't going to fit in her carseat, so David ran to grab a high-back booster from our friends.   

By Sunday, Deena was a different kid.  She was more awake, talkative, and energetic.  She wanted to take a walk and go to the Playroom, did lots of crafts, her appetite was up, her swelling was down, and she was very eager to get home.  We were discharged Sunday and she was SO excited to be heading home.

Deena has been doing well since coming home.  She is taking her oral pain meds, but has minimal pain when she is on them.  She isn't waking up and asking for medicine, so I can tell she is feeling better.  She's also been more active and I've already reminded her that she just had surgery and should take it a little easy.  She does still have a temperature of about 99 degrees, so I'm keeping an eye on that (she's had a higher temp since surgery).  The doctor put her on iron to help rebuild her system, and I've doubled her Juice Plus supplements to help her heal. 

Deena is doing well in the booster seat.  I rolled a small blanket to go under her cast and that seems to keep the pressure off well.  We were able to take a small trip Tuesday to eat lunch with my brother, since we haven't seen him for a bit, and she did great with no pain.  It was good to hug him and spend time with him, and Deena enjoyed some down-time in the car to play I-pad. 

Deena's Spica-type splint will stay on for about 3 1/2 -4 weeks.  The orthopedic surgeon is going to help me undo it all in his office after that and see how she is doing and healing.  At that point, he will determine what kind of splints she will go in to, and for how long.  If she's doing well, I may be able to remove those temporarily to bathe her, and then put them back on.  For now, though, it's sponge baths and hair washing in the sink.  I can't wait to see how straight her legs are. 

I think that's about it for now!  Thanks for all of the prayers for our sweet, strong girl.  We really appreciate them!