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Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Schedule

I get questions pretty often on what our schedule looks like, so I thought I'd share :).  We are in "maintenance" mode with Madi's doctor's appointments, so that is awesome!  We used to have to see certain doctors weekly or monthly, but now, it's more like every 6 months!  WOO HOOOO!  Right now Conner is still in speech twice a week and goes to preschool twice a week.  Hopefully speech will taper off soon, and we will be a homeschooling family by next year for kindergarden :)

Monday:  Conner's Speech
Tuesday:  Madi's Physical Therapy (PT), Conner's Preschool
Wednesday: Madi's Occupational Therapy (OT), Conner's Speech
Thursday- Conner's Preschool (this is usually the day I help at school as well)
Friday- Rest :)

Every 6 Months:
Urology (tests we get include VCUGs, renal ultrasounds, and urodinamics)
Orthopedic Surgeon

Once a Year:
Neurosurgeon (tests include MRI, CT scan and X-Rays)

As Needed:
Hanger (where Ron is at who makes her HKFOs and AFOs)
Wheelchair clinic

Not too bad, I don't think!


Jessica said...

Not bad at all! It's so nice when those appts. start tapering off.

Jill said...

Not bad at all! I remember the first year being insane with all the appointments, but it really does balance out and become not a big deal. Glad things are smooth for you guys!

Gretchen said...

Pedi once a year??? I am jealous... sort of, but I would miss our pedi too! We see him every 4-6 weeks!

You gotta get dentist on that list though girlie :)