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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here we go again with the unknowns....

Only this time it is for Conner.  It started early last week.  I noticed he had to pee, a lot; even at night when normally he would not need to pee.  He was also drinking a lot, but I didn't know if he was peeing from drinking a lot, or drinking a lot from peeing a lot and being dehydrated.  I did notice, though, that he would drink a ton at once, like a whole kid's water bottle worth in one car ride.  David and I also started a juice cleanse (watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix, it's very motivating) on Monday, and Conner had been drinking our juice and smoothies, so he was having more liquid than normal as well. 

On Wednesday my mom and I took the kids to the water park.  He had to pee at least every hour, many times more often than that.  I figured it was the cold water, or the extra water from being outside, or..... I'm not sure, I just figured it would go away.  I sent David to sprouts to get cranberry tabs just as a precautionary measure, but really thought it would just stop.  It didn't.  Thursday came and it was pretty frequent, but not terrible. Thursday night came and it got bad.  Really bad. 

We were watching Mars Needs Moms as a family, and during that one movie, I had to pause it 9 times for him to pee.  Yes, 9.  Here's the crazy thing, though.  He pees almost every single time.  Not a full pee, but not droplets either.  A pretty decent amount. 

Friday was pretty frequent again, so I called the doctor's office, but it was after hours.  I talked to a nurse who asked me 999,999,999 questions, only to give me no information whatsoever.  All she told me was to go to the ER if I was worried.  Gee, thanks.  We decided to watch him very closely and see what happens. 

Saturday was filled with lots of peeing again.  We did not let him have any green juice or green smoothies today, just to be on the safe side.  I went Walgreens and got him a glucose monitor test kit to test his sugar levels, just to be safe (and the man at the pharmacy was AMAZING and walked me through exactly what to do, what to look for, what his numbers should be, etc....  That man was such a blessing!).  My game plan was to go to the ER if his blood sugar levels were high.  After he woke up from a nap, I tested him and he read 78, which is low.  I called our naturopathic doctor this time and left a message, hoping to get more feedback.  We went to a meet-and-greet for Church, where he peed many times, then came home and went to bed, a bit later than normal.  Conner did not fall asleep until midnight, though, because he could not rest, he just kept having to get up to pee.  Poor baby.  I tested him again in the morning, when he awoke bright and early at 7:15,  and this time his blood sugar level was 80, so again, a bit lower than normal (I guess 120 is average, and 100-200 is normal, so it's off, but not a ton). 

Today was the same, lots of peeing, no green smoothies or juice, just to be sure.  The naturopathic doctor called us back and was a lot of help.  He offered to go in to the office to get the forms to request testing done, but I told him Monday morning would be ok.  If Conner was acting funny in any sort of way... lethargic, having painful urination, having pain, having cloudy urine or stinky urine, seeming out of it, running a fever, etc..., I would have rushed him to the ER, but in every other way, he's just Conner.  He does have darker circles under his eyes, and he does seem a bit more squirrely than normal, but mostly, he's just Conner.

So, for now, we wait.  I hate this unknown.  It could be something HUGE, it could be nothing at all.  It could be food allergies again, or diabetes, or hypoglycemia, or cancer, or stress, or just plain nothing, or.... who knows!  Tomorrow morning paperwork will be faxed to Sanora Quest, a local lab, and we will go in to have some testing done.  We will test his urine for possible UTI and keotones (the keotones would tell us if this is diabetes), and will also be doing a blood draw to check his kidney functioning and other fun things like that. 

On an interesting note, I have always suspected David had some form of hypoglycemia/low blood sugar so I tested him. He came out low as well.  It was about 80 the first time, and 75 the second.  So, I'm wondering if whatever is wrong with Conner is also wrong with David.  They share many of the same traits.  They both crash and get grumpy if they don't have food in their system pretty often.  They both prefer to graze.  The both are effected negatively by sugar, but the both crave it.  They both like carbs and love fruit, and could eat fruit all day. 

For our prayer warriors, please pray:

1- That it is nothing major
2- That we diagnose the problem quickly
3- That Conner handles the blood draws well
4- For healing for whatever is causing this
5- For peace for Conner as this is really worrying him
6- For peace for the rest of us as we wait

We will keep you updated!


Cassie said...

Poor guy, I hope you get some answers soon. It sounds absolutely miserable. (Oh, and we watch Sick, Fat, and nearly dead last weekend....we just bought a juicer)

HennHouse said...

The "unknowns" are the worst. We'll be praying.

Jill said...

I hope you get some answers soon!!!

And I'm LOL'ing... I sense a juicer is in my future.