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Monday, August 15, 2011

My little mystery man....

We got in the preliminary report from Sonora Quest and have a few questions answered, which leaves us with even more to ask.

Based on the preliminary reports, Conner does not have a UTI or diabetes.

The doctor is still waiting to hear back to see if his urine culture grows, and is also waiting on a white blood cell count to come in.

He is stumped and thinks we need to go to the urologist to have ultrasounds done to see if there is any abnormal swelling, blockage, bits and pieces growing oddly,  growths causing pressure, etc..... He does not think it is allergies, though he is open to testing again if we want to go that route.

Conner has shown no improvement, so that's disappointing.  I put him in a diaper tonight so he could just relax and sleep.  I know I'll kick myself for this later on, but the poor little guy is exhausted from not sleeping well and getting up multiple times a night to pee.  I wasn't sure what else try.  He just needs sleep.

I have noticed that if I give him a lot to drink, he pees often and a decent amount.  If I don't give him much to drink, he still thinks he needs to pee often, it's just that not is much coming out.  That worries me.  It makes me think there is something causing pressure to his system, which is making him think he has to pee, even when he doesn't. 

Honestly, I was hoping they would say he had a UTI and just wasn't showing symptoms.  I know that sounds silly, but that would have given us answers, as well as something easily treatable.

I do not think it is behavioral because he is having to pee during his favorite activities (watching a movie as a family, reading his favorite book, playing baseball out back, etc....), and the peeing is really bothering him emotionally.  I really think something is causing it.  I'm just not sure what.

Tomorrow I will call and get a referral to the urologist.  I also plan to call and try and talk to the urologist, as he knows us well. 

I will keep everyone updated.  Thanks for your prayers, and don't stop yet! 


Momma J said...

You follow (my son) Tyler's blog and I hopped over to see how you guys are doing. I haven't read blogs in a while so I'm out of the loop but read your last post and couldn't help but think of my friend's son. Given it could be something TOTALLY different but it's worth asking the urologist when you meet them. Here is my friend's story.

ainemc said...

Maybe he has an over active bladder? My mum has that, makes her need to go to the loo ALOT! Hope you get this sorted soon, I don't think it's behavioral either. Will say a prayer!