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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few "Up Ups" and AFO Adjustments

This evening Madi had an appointment with Ron at Hanger.  Have I said how much Madi LOVES Ron (and, of course, I do too because he always takes amazing care of my little gal)?  She was not happy about getting in the car, but when I told her we were going to see Ron to get her up ups fixed, oh boy did her face light up. Then she yelled, "YEAH, RON!  LETS GO SEE HIM!" as loud as she could.  This is really a big blessing because normally a mention of the doctor gets the opposite reaction. 

(coloring on the paper examination table cover to keep Madi happy while her up ups got fixed)

Ron made Madi's up ups a little wider in the booty.  He also made them a little taller and moved the shin pads up so they would help keep her knees from popping out.  He added a pad to her AFOs so her heel does not pop out at night when she's wearing it.  Next he gave us a knee immobilizer so we can keep Madi's left leg (her tight leg that was casted to treat her clubbed foot and also had a heel cord lengthening) stretched out.  This will keep her leg straight at night, since she usually curls it in, and help keep her from getting tight in that leg.

Before we left, Madi had to show off her walking skills and, of course, it wasn't good enough that I hold her hands.  She insisted that Ron helped her.

Ron is walking in the local spina bifida association walk-n-roll, so we will get to see him again soon.  Madi will be excited!

Just to prove that Madi is a typical life-loving two year old (only possibly a little more mischievous), you can see what Madi did today.  I walked in to the family room and found that Madi had gotten in to my makeup bag. 

Yup, she spilled my charcoal grey powdered eye shadow and my blush.  It's hard to get mad, though, when you look at her and she is grinning from ear to ear looking like this...

I see makeup application lessons in our (very distant) future!  If you haven't already, please join Team Madi for the upcoming walk-n-roll.  Here's a link to join.  We hope to see you there! 


ainemc said...

Shes so sweet!

Jill said...

AH!! LOL! Love the makeup! My girls have both done that more than once! What an awesome little lady.