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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spina Bifida Stories: Monica

My name is Monica J. Foster and I am a woman with spina bifida at the L3/L4 level, a full-time wheelchair user and amputee in Landis, N.C. When I was born with spina bifida in the early 1970s, my mother was told by the 'experts' at the hospital I would not do the following: live, recognize her voice, sit up, walk, lead a quality life, go to school, be independent, graduate college, live on my own, have any meaningful impact on the world, find someone to love me. The list goes on.

As of today, I am a vibrant amputee on wheels after dealing with life-threatening infections in my left foot for a long time, In January 2010, I made the hard decision to literally cut my unhealthy losses and continue on the next successful 'leg' of my journey living life to the fullest with one and a half legs on wheels. I am married to my husband and soul mate, Bryan Foster, a stroke survivor who taught me that I could not only be my own best advocate as I got older, but his as well. I am a proud, nationally sought-after professional speaker, trainer, writer, life and career coach and consultant running my own business, BUTTERFLYWHEEL® Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting ( I have a college degree in English-Writing Studies with a over 20 years of combined experience in top-fold quality print journalism, customer service and disability civil rights. I am also hold professional certifications in life, life purpose and career coaching, vision board coaching and mental health peer support. Bryan is a juvenile court counselor and we have been accessible home owners for almost two years now. We have no children --at the moment -- but do enjoy our rambunctious kitty, Annabelle. Bryan and I are each and together active in various civic and community organizations as well.

We've both learned that no matter what people tell us we can't, won't or shouldn't do, we will find a way --- even if we have to do it in our own time and our own way. The sky's the limit!

Thank you so much, Monica, for sharing your story!!


Unknown said...

beautiful post. so happy to have good news!

ainemc said...

thanks for sharing! Love it when somebody proves those doctors wrong!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing, Monica!

Colleen said...

That was great!

Jill said...