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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welllllll..... that makes sense, but I'm still bummed!!

Today I called Oasis, our homestudy agency, to see if they ever heard back from the Judge's office about our paperwork/approval.  They still haven't heard back, and I guess the judge's assistant (not sure what they are called) is no longer there, which is who she had left a message with last week.  She said that was a bad sign, but I'm not sure why, maybe because it will take longer or something.  Anyhow....  Oasis had faxed in the pictures of our pool fence in July.  The judge asked Oasis to also send in hard copies straight to her, so they did.  Today when Oasis called, they talked to someone else at the courts (the people that oversee the whole process or something like that), and they said they have no records of the hard copy being sent in.  Oasis is going to send it to that department now as well, just to make sure that everyone has what they need.

The problem, though, is that the courts have 60 days to respond (basically approve or deny your adoption petition) to the paperwork once it is submitted.  Whenever you send something new in, though, that re-sets that 60 day waiting period.  So basically, when we sent in the photos of the latches, that re-set the 60 days that they have to respond to us.  That would mean that we should hear back by mid September, UNLESS sending in the photos to the other department will re-set it again, and then we will still have up to 60 days!  AH!  Not cool! 

In better news, we went to the Children's Museum today and it was a blast!  My friend, Mary, had free passes for us (THANKS MARY!), so Kyla and I took the kids.  We brought Madi in her HKFOs (up ups) and helped her walk up the big climbing structure, go through the noodle forest, and all that good stuff.  The kids really loved it!  I also got to meet a local lady, Kiara, that has been a lot of support and help for our adoption, so that was really awesome!  We didn't know she would be there but bumped in to her, so that was neat.  Here's some pictures of our day:


Andy and Kiara said...

I'm sorry you've been hitting delay after delay. How frustrating! Hang in there. It WILL be worth it. :)

And it was great to run into you, too!

Gretchen said...

Man is it ever hard to rememeber that He has perfect timing in times like this, or what?? I am so sorry that His plan seems to be taking so long, but I know he has something special JUST for your family!