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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The first trimester stinks!

The joy, the anticipation, the nervous waiting until you get that first appointment (or approval ;)) and know that things are looking like they should, the longing, the excitement, and all those other feelings that come along with the first trimester.

And, no, I'm not pregnant, though I am longing for a very special someone!

I've heard people say that even with adoption, you go through trimesters.  We are in the first trimester. This is where you do all your paperwork, homestudies, and wait for approval. 

The funny thing is, I have physically gone through many things you would in the first trimester of pregnancy.  I gained weight, I would get sick if I did not eat, then sick after I ate, and was super tired.  I had cravings for all kinds of foods too, which just really helped that weight gain ;).  I even took a pregnancy test, because that's just how pregnant I felt (The chances of us getting pregnant are very slim, as David had a vasectomy about 2 1/2 years ago.  We knew we were finished birthing children, and were ready to move on to adopting them :)).    Thankfully all of that has passed, but I am still left with feelings that are new to me.  Usually I am an amazing multi-tasker that thrives on being busy and loves to be creative and productive.  Lately, not so much.

The worst thing is this adoption brain I have.  I seriously cannot focus on anything lately.  I am scatterbrained and forgetful.  The tasks that have come so easily to me in the past can be challenging some days.  Not in a sad/depressing sort of way, just in that I feel distracted, like my mind is elsewhere, so I find I'm not always fully paying attention to the task at hand.  I have been keeping myself busy with the kids to help keep my mind off of things.  We have played more card games, swam more times, and had more play dates than I can even count.  They are having a blast, so I suppose it is not all bad :).  Once we get approval from the state and things can move forward (meaning approval from Wacap and approval in India), I will feel sooooooooooooooo much better.  I seriously cannot wait!

I know that God has us waiting for a reason, even if I do not know that reason.  I also know that His timing is perfect, and I know I should be finding peace in that.  So, for my praying friends, please pray for peace  as we wait.  And, pray that the second trimester is just around the corner ;).


ainemc said...

I hope the second trimester comes soon for you and flies through to the third! I will be so delighted the day you get your lovely little girl home!

Jill said...

The first trimester is the WORST!!! How dreadful! I hope the second comes so quickly for you guys! It's definitely the easiest ;)