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Monday, August 15, 2011

Testing is done... now the wait!

Dr. Vitaro called just before 9 to tell us he was faxing in the paperwork for the tests.  I was just about to feed Conner when he said "Conner has been fasting, right?"  Thankfully, other than the cranberry tab, he had been.  My mom came over to watch Madi, since there is no way I could hold her and take care of holding Conner still and reassuring him at the same time (thank God for respite hours, the fact that my mom is our respite provider, and that she only lives 3 minutes away!!).  Conner and I packed him a little baggie of food (dry cereal, raisins, a fruit strip, and an organic sucker) for afterwards.

We got to Sonora Quest to get the blood draw and urine tests, and of course Conner already had to pee, so they let us do the urine part right away.  They knew Conner was fasting, so they put us at the top of the list to get in, which was awesome.  We only waited about 20 minutes, but it was packed in there, so it would have been much worse. 

The blood draw went well.  I won't lie. There were tears and some screaming, but he sat very still on my lap and let them do what they needed to do.  He did a great job.  Afterwards he had lots of questions about blood draws vs. mosquitoes. 

Now is the waiting.  I would have updated sooner, but we had to run off to speech about 20 minutes after we got home.  I will update as soon as I know something.  Thanks for the prayers and support!!


Go-Go Kim said...

What a brave boy!!!! Prayers your way!

Dillfam said...

Ok the comment about mosquitos cracks me up!:) Kids are great!