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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our India Trip Thus Far

We have arrived!
We have been on 3 planes and were in the air for about 24 hours.
We slept very little, but tried.
Got in at about 1:00 am and got settled at about 3 am.
In about an hour we head out to the orphanage to meet my sweet girl for the first time!
I have so many emotions going through my mind right now, as I am sure you can imagine.
I will update soon with photos!
Leaving Phoenix:

Off we go!

Reading my journal from my mommas

Hello France!


Mush anyone??

Almost there!

In Bangalore!!!  AH!


mc said...

You are probably with your little girl as I type this! Wow! Praying as I know how challenging those first meetings and first days can be for mom and child.

Tm said...

how exciting!

Unknown said...

Yes I can imagine! Thinking of you on this enormous day!