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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oh Boy, Where to Start?!?!?!?

This trip has been such a whirlwind so far, it's hard to even know where to start!  Friday we went back to the orphanage.  Poor Ramya was not thrilled with that at all.  I think she was afraid I would leave her, even though I had them tell her that it was ok and that I wouldn't.  When they tried to touch her and talk to her, she turned in to me and pushed their hands away.  She started crying at one point for a minute, and I kept just telling her it was ok, she was coming with  mommy.  They said that she was acting like that because she was excited about the new change, but sad to leave her old life.  Though I'm sure that she was full of mixed emotions, really, she wanted out, and to know that she was out for good.  Once we said goodbye and left again, she was all smiles pretty much immediately.  She got a little quiet in the car, but perked up when she heard we were headed to the airplane soon (she asked about it about a million times that day!  Auntie, airplane?  Airplane?) 

We packed up to leave our friend Nicole's house and had a big drive to the airport.  She was SO excited to go on the airplane.  Our flight was slightly delayed, but it gave us time to eat and relax so it wasn't too bad.  The sound of the airplane taking off set her back a bit, but mostly she loved it.  It was very late, so she fell asleep about 10 minutes after taking off and slept in her chair/on my lap.  We landed at 12:30 am, got to our hotel, and all went back to sleep.

This morning we went to the doctor for her exam and TB injection (for the test).  I also took her to the optometrist because I've noticed she looks over her glasses a lot and I think her prescription is wrong for her.  Doctors in India are very cheap, so it only cost about $12 for the exam.  I felt terrible, though, because they had to dilate her eyes, and the drops stung :(.  They had to go in 3 times too.  I wouldn't have had them do it, except that is how they get a precise measurement in children under 8 I guess.  I was glad I was at least there to hold and comfort her through it.  She was supposed to keep her eyes closed, but thought it was hilarious to peek at me and smile. We go back Tuesday for a non-dilation exam to re-check, then hopefully we can get her new glasses.  They think her prescription was, indeed, quite off.

Ramya is so fastinated with everything.  It is so very fun to watch.  She has never really been outside, so everything is new and exciting.  She loves toilets and loves to flush them.  She thinks mommy's toothbrush needs to go in them.  She thinks she needs to wash her hands in them.  She just loves them!  She gets so excited about everything, even the smallest things.  Today she saw birds out the window and was yelling, "AUNTIE!!  LOOK!  BIRDS, BIRDS!!!!".   She used a fork for the first time today and was VERY proud of herself.  She also ate her first french fries today and liked those as well.

Her favorite food is chicken and she loves traditional Indian food, especially that with some spice to it.  I think they only had chicken in the orphanage on rare occassions, so it's a very special treat for her.  She has eaten chicken and pretty much every meal.  She also loves boiled eggs, which is the biggest source of protien she was fed, and asks for those often.  She used to just eat anything I put in her mouth, even if she didn't like it, but we have been working on saying what we do and don't want to eat, and she will now tell me yes and no about things. 

Ramya came out of her shell today.  Actually, I think she burst out.  She was always easy going, making eye contact, letting me hold her, sitting on my lap, etc..., but today she is like a whole new kid.  She is crazy!  I keep calling her my monkey and she thinks that is the funniest thing in the world.  Today I was showing her a fish shirt I brought for her and she thought it would be funny to throw it to me.  She did it about 10 times and was laughing so hard she was crying.  She is in to everything and exploring and touching anything she can get her hands on.  She wants to pick things in the grocery store (so I let her), try new things, and she is always smiling and laughing.  She is so curious about everything and I love it!  I think I will have my hands VERY full for sure!  She also has started singing songs about things.  Yesterday she bust out with the chicken song which basically was her singing "chicken" over and over (and over).  I told you, she LOVES her chicken!

She is still calling me auntie but today she pointed to my photo and said "mommy" and also said "mommy's shoes" when she picked up my shoes.  I know it will be a while before she really calls me mommy much, but she is slowly getting there. 

Here are a few pictures from our recent adventures.  I have many more to share, but need to upload them.  She loves to take pictures so it takes me a while to weed through them and get them uploaded ;).  I have given up on my contacts for a while as there is just too much dirt and pollution and my eyes just ache every day after about an hour of being out and about, so I'm wearing glasses in most of my photos.


Video chatting with Daddy and the kids

Ramya wanted to try my makeup out

Saying good-bye at the orphanage

We brought sweet Deena photos and said good-bye (someone PLEASE adopt this sweet little girl!)

First mall trip
First donut
First airplane ride

Sleeping on momma

I have a lot to update on her medically, but that is a whole different post, so I will try to catch up on that as well within the next few days.


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