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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Day Meeting Ramya

Meeting Ramya went very well, just like I was praying it would.  She is such a little sweet angel.  Once I picked her up, that was it, she really didn't want out of my arms much, which makes this momma's heart happy!

They said Ramya has been asking and waiting for me since they have started telling her that I was coming.  They said she was very very excited to hear that I was on the way.  Oh boy do I know that feeling ;).

We played quite a bit, and the kiddos LOVED the gifts we brought them.  Most kids were at school, so we only got to give a small amount gifts (we left the rest for them to hand out.  They said they will likely use a lot for birthday gifts for children), but their little face just lit up!  The orphanage workers were very thankful for their gifts as well, and were happily dividing them out to each person.  They were all very excited and supportive.

It is traditional for them to hand-feed the children for meals.  I fed Ramya, as is great for bonding/attachment and I didn't want to pass up that moment.  I have been holding her as much as possible and we cuddled all last night.  I know we still have a very long journey to attaching, and that things will change when the kids are around, but I am thankful for these moments we have now.

I had brought Ramya a little green sippy cup with butterflies on it.  Oh boy was she excited!  The other kids were very enthralled by it, so she kept hiding it in my lap so they couldn't take it.  She was so excited to have her own cup she must have drank 2 or 3 full cups full worth of water!

Ramya kept asking me to take her to the window.  Once I got her there, she kept pointing out and trying to climb out (it had bars).  I asked her if she wanted to leave and I got a very excited "YES!".  I took her upstairs to ask if I could take her home and they asked if I thought she wanted to go. I told them yes, so they asked her if she wanted to go.  She very quickly told them "yes", and started waving and telling them "bye".  They all laughed and said that they can tell she is eager to leave and that it was ok for me to take her.  They asked if I wanted to leave her so that I could sleep and I told them no, that I would be too sad to sleep anyway.  That answer made them happy, so off we went to pack.

I am SO thankful that they let me take her yesterday.  I know that normally they stay 2-3 days before they let you take her, so I am thanking God big time for that little gift of time.  It breaks my heart to think of the years she sat alone in the orphanage, and though one day is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it meant the world to me!

On the way home we stopped at the market for some fruit and snacks.  I wanted to get her things she was used to eating.  She was very very excited when she realized that I was letting her keep the snacks and that she got to eat them.  Her favorite was some kind of little vanilla yogurt smoothie.  She loved that thing! 

Once we got back to Amanda's friend (and mine now too!) Nicole's house (we are staying with her while in Bangalore), I showed her some of her new things.  She was very excited.  She really loves taking pictures, and really loves looking at pictures on my phone as well.  What she loved the most, though, was one of her new dresses.  She lit up and had the HUGEST smile on her little face.  It was so sweet.  She kept saying, "wow, wow!!".  I put it on her and showed it to her in the mirror and she was just beaming.  I love seeing how much these little things bring her joy.

Ramya speaks more English than I was expecting.  Most orphanage workers spoke English, so I think they have been talking with her.  Her teacher also came to say hi to us, so I think she worked with her as well.  Ramya seems very bright, so I know she will pick up on it quickly.  She still calls me "auntie" which is what they call adults they feel close to, but I know one day soon she will start calling me mom.

Today we head back to the orphanage to get her paperwork.  I've tried explaning we were just visiting, so I hope she doesn't get upset going back in.  I plan to wear her in the Ergo so she understands that I am not letting her go!  After that we will do a little shopping, nap, and then head to the airport for a flight to Delhi.  Tomorrow we will see the doctor, Sunday we will rest/shop/see the sights, then Monday back to the doctor, then to the embassy.  Tuesday morning we go back to the embassy, then Wednesday morning (like 1 am!!) we head home.  We still haven't heard back from the travel doctor about our appointment, so I'm praying that will all line up ok.  That is one thing you can join us in prayer for, as well as safety for the kids and David, for our travels, and a smooth attachment process. 

Oh, we also skyped with David and the kids last night.  Oh boy were they THRILLED to see Ramya.  Oh my goodness, it was so sweet!  I can't wait for them all to meet and pray that they do well together.  I know the transition will likely be hard and that there may be some tough moments ahead, but I also rest assured that God will bring us through.

Here are some photos from the orphanage visit:

Driving in India is just how you would expect!  I think I had maybe 25 near-death experiences ;).  Ok, not quite that many, but it is interesting for sure!

This is about how full the cars normally are:

I don't know why, but I found this sign entertaining.

And there she is!!! 

She loved holding my hands and playing with my fingers.

Amanda and Ramya's best friend, Dena, took well to each other.  Dean is SUCH a sweet little girl, so desperatly wanting a home of her own.  She has weak bones and cannot stand unassisted, but that doesn't slow her down! I wish I could scoop her up and bring her home with me.  Someone PLEASE adopt this sweet little angel!

Talking and getting to know each other

Ramya showing off her walking for me.

Lunch time!

GOOD-BYE orphanage!

Our first car ride together.  She did well, but wanted my arms around her tight for the trip :).

I wish I could read her mind to see what is going on in there.  She hasn't stopped smiling since this morning and has a beautiful little smile, full of joy!




Tracy J said...

There is a smile from ear to ear on my face while my eyes are dripping. So happy for you....for her...for your family. She is so beautiful..and she looks so happy. <3

Anonymous said...

My heart is almost breaking apart of joy and happiness that Ramay now has gotten a good mother and that she has a family waiting for her. All the best for the rest you have to go through before going home. Love, Elisabet from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking to hear about your first day. How great and what a blessing that Ramay finally met her loving mother. Congratulations to both of you. What a gift that Ramya also has a family waiting for her in the US. All the best for the coming days so you soon can go home. Love,Elisabet J.

Chuck and Heather said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!! And you two look so perfect together. It was meant to be. So happy for you and your family. You will all be in our prayers!!

Kimmy said...

I am honest to goodness teary eyed and grinning after seeing those pictures! I am so glad you let us into this very special moment in your lives.

Jill said...


The World of Vineet said...

I can't believe what I have just read....Now I know why folks like us have children-with-special-needs. We are not just able to try and keep our own kids 'well', we become open to the needs of other special kids as well. But you, and your faith are un- matchable!! God Bless you and your family! you are awesome and Jesus loves you ALL!!! :)