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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day ____ Home... Wait, What Day is it Anyway?!?!?

My days have gotten all mixed up, that's for sure!  In some ways, things still feel so very new, and in others, it feels like we have been a family of 5 all along.  We are getting down a routine and our new normal is starting to feel just, well, normal.  Conner informed me yesterday that things are back to normal, so I know the kids are feeling more in the "grove" too.  Both Conner and Madi are very excited to show off their new sister.  They are very proud of her!  It's crazy to me that I haven't even truly known Ramya a month now, but I am already so in love with her. 

We have our good moments and our not-so-good moments, but our good far outweigh the rough ones.  Today was a great day, and I wasn't so sure it would be, so I was pleasantly surprised.  We still haven't been back to Church, and were planning to go this week, but one of the kiddo's best friends, Viveka, was turning 5, and we really wanted to be at her party.  They are moving to India in a few weeks and we will miss them greatly.  I knew Church and the party would be way to much (and feared the party alone may be!), so we opted out of Church to spend some time with our friends before their move. 

Tomorrow Ramya has an appointment with the pediatrician to get her established there and to make sure she doesn't have anything yucky she has brought home from the orphanage (ring worm, lice, parasites, and all that fun stuff ;)).  We have a good amount of appointments coming up this next few weeks, so I am extra thankful for the meals that have been coming in from friends and family.  I know David appreciates something a little more fancy than eggs, Costco chicken apple sausages, and/or chicken, since I haven't been able to make nice dinners too often since we've been home.  We are getting there, though! 

In other news, I think Madi is allergic/sensitive to eggs :(.  Considering we are gluten and dairy free already (due to sensitivies), and considering eggs is one of the few protiens Madi loves to eat, I'm pretty bummed.  I had noticed Madi started getting a rash around her mouth, but kind of brushed it off.  I started noticing a pattern to it, though, and I'm about 99% sure it's eggs.  We get local, fresh, un-washed eggs, but we were out, so I bought some from the store on Tuesday.  Madi ate two scrambled that night (nothing added, just scrambled plain, no milk) and right away got very red and rashy all around the mouth.  That night she slept terrible.  I thought maybe it was something to do with those eggs in particular, and thought it would be fine when she had our local eggs back.  The next day our local eggs were delivered so I made her some.  Right away, she got very red and rashy around the mouth again.  I thought maybe, just maybe, it was from the catsup or something and just kind of kept it in the back of my mind.  She slept terrible again that night.  Yesterday I gave her a boiled egg (local eggs like she always eats) with nothing at all on it.  Sure enough, totally red all around the mouth, and last night she was up all nigh in pain.  And I do mean all night (yawn).  Darn.  I'm going to get her tested and hope to have some more "concrete" results soon. 

I realized I never posted our last batch of photos, so here you go (my mom has a few more on her camera I need to get off, but I haven't yet).  Better late than never, right??



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Frances said...

Glad things are getting back to "normal"or your new normal :) Love the pictures!