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Sunday, February 10, 2013

So Many Adventures!

Today is our day off, meaning we have no appointments, so we have been sightseeing a bit and taking it easy.  Ramya is doing well and is loving many firsts.  Today she got her first bath and hairwash and was in heaven.  She kept saying "wow" and loved getting washed and scrubbed.  She insisted I get in with her (I think she was nervous because I sat her in there alone and she started saying "auntee in, auntee IN!".   She loves washing her hands, brushing her teeth, and having her hair brushed.  I let her brush my teeth and hair today as well and she loved it. She likes feeding me sometimes too.  She loves using a fork to feed herself, now that she has figured it out, but I also feed her to help her learn to trust me/ bond.   This girl is full of giggles and laughs.  I think she has been saving them up!  Here is a video of her cracking up over a balloon (and throwing it at momma ;)).  Normally she sits on my lap (no car seats here and usually not seatbelts either), but she wanted to sit behind me this time.

Ramya loves to be kissed and today she gave me my first kiss.  If I ask her if a kiss is ok she always says yes.  When she's in the Ergo, she loves to have me hold her hand and kiss it.  She also likes to play with my hair. 

This girl is full of energy and excitement.  I love it, but man, I am tired!!!  We are working on "please" since right now it's a "right now" kind of asking. Here are some recent photos...

First bath

Red Park

First bike ride

Hand holding

 This little one is so full of joy.  It's hard to believe that such a little jem sat for so long in an orphanage.  The important thing, though, is that she is out now, and never going back!


Tiffany said...

She is so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just reading this post now, and how awesome is it that she knew enough English to communicate with you?! To tell you she wanted you in the bath, and the asking permission for kisses thing!