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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Only in India.....

I'm having a lot of fun in India.  It is a crazy, loud, pollution-filled place where you hear honking 24-7, drivers swerve in and out of traffic (which is packed like sardines most of the time), you often see 4 people on a motorcycle, no one has or uses seatbelts, children do not have carseats, there is litter everywhere, men pee on the side of the road, mangy dogs just wanter and are abused, there are little tents set up on the side of the road where multiple families live together, children beg, children are hit with sticks, and so many other crazy things.  Yet, it is a fun and wonderful place to visit.  I'm not sure I'd want to leave here for the rest of my life, but visiting is great. 

The food here is wonderful, as long as you like Indian food, and as long as you don't eat street food (that will give you a huge tummy ache!!).  Everything has tons of cream, butter, and bread, so I'm going to come home at least 10 pounds heavier I'm sure.  I'm thankful I have a strong stomache, but not because of the food.  The driving is crazy and it would be very easy to get carsick here.  They also don't really use AC here much in the cars, unless you pay extra for a cab/driver that has AC, because it costs more money to run the car.  Instead, they open the windows.  The smog and pollution are so terrible, though, it burns your eyes.  The plants quite literally have a layer of smog on them that you can see from the streets. 

I know I've shown you a lot of pictures of Ramya, but I thought it would be fun to show you photos of India.  To start with, here is a video of a drive in India.  I will take another one when the traffic is heavy so you can see how fun that is.  This is just some backroads of India with light traffic, as we were avoiding heavy traffic on our way to the airport.   Right after we stopped the video, the driver decided playing chicken with the other cars was a great idea. Oh boy was that fun!  He kept wanting to pass people in our lane, but cut it reallllly close multiple times by going in to oncoming traffic to go around cars. 

And now some fun photos!

A drive with light traffic...

Selling fruit

Packed like sardines! 

Poor puppy dogs :(

An auto rickshaw

Typical view of the streets

Lots of litter!

I love reading the packaging on things, it always makes me laugh.  For example, this diet coke is not for phenyletonurics.

Only in India do they somehow seperate the tag/chain from the bag, and still send the chain and tag down the luggage belt.

Forget wearing a helmet, it's better to ride while holding your helmet up (nope, he wasn't putting it on, just holding it this way!!)

There are always people hanging out of vehicles

And this is a common amount of people on a motorcycle...

If you don't have a helmet, wear a hard-hat!

Lots of Rickshaws

A market
McDonald's Delivery

Only in India can you get amazing fish pants like these for $2!

Another crowded market photo

Slums in India


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of India. Very eye opening.

Anonymous said...

wow, it is very similar to mexico. right down to the dogs and the 5 people on a motorcycle.

hope you guys have a safe trip home!