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Friday, February 15, 2013

I think the honeymoon period is over!

Ramya is doing really well mostly.  She likes to be held a lot, but is now getting used to the dog and cat (she was scared of them) and will play next to me as well.  She yells at the dog (doggy, go!) and I think that she's realizing the dog is friendly and ok.  We let her feed him treats and that seemed to help.  She even touched him briefly today!

Ramya is learning to say "no".  I try to give her things she can say no to (like asking if she wants a banana when it's ok for her to say no), but it's a hard thing when it's something important that just has to get done.  The last few days her big thing has been her medicine (prophylactic antibiotic).  She really does not want to take it.  It's a pill she has to swallow, which I know it isn't fun, but it is an important one.  Today was a struggle and she threw it across the room.  I tried giving her options, sitting with her not letting her play until she took it, etc... but she was not happy.  Unfortunately, though, I've got to have her taking it until we can at least get in to urology to review and go over everything.  I'm going to try to crush it and hide it in some pudding or yogurt to see if I can get it down that way.  I'm also going to try and get her a liquid that is easy to take, but I had to get her on insurance first so I could get her in to the doctor.  I'm going to try and find some small little treat she enjoys so that she can have it as a reward for a while.  Of course, I would like her to be intrinsically motivated, but a little extrinsic motivation may help get us over the hump.  I called insurance today and I think that's all squared away.  Our insurance really stinks, but without it, things will be crazy expensive with all the appointments and tests she needs, so I would like to have that in place before we do too much medically.

Amy, Madi's respite worker, suggested playing games where she follows simple directions and praising her for following directions, so that's what I am going to try.  We sing lots of songs, so I think it will be easy to incorporate.  I try to really give a lot of very specific praise to her and the other kiddos as a way to bring about positive behavior.  She is starting to say "thank you" all on her own, so that is nice.  We are also working on saying "no thank you" instead of just shouting "no". 

Tomorrow Oasis comes for a post-placement visit and to update our adoption paperwork.  I'm sure we'll get lots of good idea from them.  Ramya is a sweet little one and we have a lot of fun with her.  She is eating better too, so that is very nice!



mc said...

That's encouraging that she is eating better! Oh, medicine! That's a tough one:)

Do you happen to own Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child: from the first hours together through the teenage years by Patty Cogen? If so, it is chock full of little games to build attachment where she can follow your lead - it is a wonderful book!! It's very reasonable priced and I'd highly recommend it. It's another of my favourites (aside from Connected Child!). Praying for your family as you all continue to adjust!

Jamie said...

I do have it actually! I totally forgot I did! I'll bust it out, thanks so much!

Tiffany said...

With Logan's pills, I use a pill crusher and crush them up!! I mix them in applesauce, pudding or yogurt!