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Thursday, May 5, 2011

This playground will be the death of me!

My dad came over tonight to measure out where the playground would go.  The one I like best with the best ramps would take up most of our grass area.  Sigh.  We have other options for the play area, but this is the most accessible for Madi.  The other play sets will fit in our backyard better, which is great, but will also make it to where Madi can only access the smaller portion of the play set and not the bigger area with the big slide.  I know for a while I can carry her up to the big slide, but I was really wanting her to have her independence.  GAH!  This playground will be the death of me, I swear!


Colleen said...

Can you adapt it to make it more accessible? For example, if there's a ladder up to the big slide, maybe you could build some nice sturdy stairs that she could climb/crawl up. If she's anything like Nate, she will shock you when you finally get the playset with how much she actually can figure out how to do.

Jamie said...

It would have a ramp, but it would be pretty steep. I'll have to ask what they have in terms of stairs. Right now we're leaning towards the large one that will take up more room but is more accessible.

Dillfam said...

What are you looking at? is there a web site?

Jamie said...

No website link because they are customs but they are taken from sets at :)