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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Help me re-name our blog :)

I debated about if we should start a new blog for the adoption and our future child, or re-do Madi's blog include everything and have decided to keep it to one blog, but make it more of a family blog.  So.... help me re-name our blog!  I tried 'a family journey' but that domain name is take already, so help me think of some great ideas! 

One idea given to us was 'veprek trek' which is very star-trek-ish, so I'm sure my hubby will like it :).  Any other ideas?


Suzanne perryman, said...

great story! thanks for visiting my blog and reading our story. Hope to meet you in person!

Jessica said...

I like Veprek Trek!

Amanda_in78 said...

You can keep the same address, but have a new name (I think?)
Our blog site is very simple and just our family name. That way it is all about us, even if I talk mostly about Nick.
I don't have any other suggestions thought...

Gretchen said...

A Heart's Journey with the Veprek Family!

Journey of Faith

Path of the Heart

Blessing Mulitplied