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Monday, May 16, 2011

A walking update... there she goes!

I've been working on getting Madi in her walker to practice walking.  She is doing really well!  She is starting to "hop" too!  Yes, I am one proud momma for sure!  I am sorry for the crappy cell phone videos, but here she is!

P.S. Each video is different.


Stefanie said...

Oh she's adorable!

ainemc said...

Love love love it!

She is so sweet! You sure did it Madi, you go girl! xx

Chuck and Heather said...

"Mommy I did it!" has to be the BEST sentence in the world! :) She is so cute and SO amazing!

Leigh and Andy said...

Love it!! I'm pretty sure that Grey has his first crush! He watched it with me and said "walk again!" when the first video was over. :) Thanks for sharing these amazing videos!!

acmcginnis said...

Oh, my gosh! She's walking! I am so excited for you guys. Looks like things (and Madi) are moving right along.