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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Craft for Today

Madi has been wanting to practice walking with her forearm crutches, aka "walk-walk sticks" (she is still very wobbly and a long ways off from using them independently, but I'm always happy to help her practice :)).  They always have seemed so uncomfortable, though, because of the hard plastic that the arm cuff is made of.  I had some craft fir that did not sell at the garage sale that I had kept and I decided to try and make little covers for the arm cuff part, so that they will not dig in to Madi's soft skin.  Madi really likes the new cuff covers and calls them "kitty tails".  They seem to work pretty good!


Colleen said...

Kitty tails! So cute. You should mass produce and sell those to help cover adoption costs. :)

Jamie said...

That's actually a good idea! I'll have to perfect my sewing a bit first, but it would be fun!