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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few updates from us....

1- Poor Madi has a cough and cannot sleep laying down.  I must admit, though, I've enjoyed the extra cuddles!!  Here she is in our toddlerhawk.

2- Conner started swim lessons and loved his first one.  He loves the water!

3- Today we saw our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Segal, at CRS.  He is a great doctor and we really like him.  He said everything looks good with Madi.  Her back is straight, her feet and legs look good, and her hips feel ok (though he thinks one might be dislocated), so she's still all set for walking.  I need to get her in for some adjustments to her HKFOs, but that's about it.  He wanted to take a video of her walking/jumping to show at the Spina Bifida conference that is in June in California, but she wasn't wanting to cooperate.  He is speaking there and was hoping to get some video.  Next year, I guess ;). 

4- I figured out something today with Madi's HKFOs and now I feel like a complete dooface.  I thought she couldn't sit in her carseat with her HKFOs on, which is a problem since she never wants to take them off, because she leans back too far in them and I didn't feel she was safe.  Well....... I realized today I need to unhook the elastic in the back, and then she CAN sit straight up in them, without undoing any of the straps or anything.  DUH!  I am SUCH a dork!  I have spent months trying to figure out why I couldn't get her in there, and it was SO simple! 

5- Apparently our adoption paperwork went from Oasis to Wacap, then back to Oasis, then back to Wacap, so it's still in lingo and has not made it to a judge yet.  Nancy, our social worker, is hoping to have it there this week.  Please pray we get a judge that finds us favorable to adopt, and that completes his or her paperwork quickly, so that we can get officially matched with one of the girls.  And, since we will be officially matched with one of the girls, PLEASE pray that God makes it VERY clear who we are to adopt.


Ray, Star, Tanner, and Connor said...

Sounds like Madi is doing awesome! We also see Dr Segal for Tanner's needs & love him. I didn't know he was at CRS..... I had thought this whole time that it was Dr White. Hmmm.... now that is something to think about. Don't feel dumb about the car seat thing! At times it's all about trial and error. :)
Prayers that the paperwork will get to its proper destination soon!

Jamie said...

He sees the kiddos with ceribral palsy out of CRS, but you can still see him, you just have to request him specially, since he doesn't normally see kiddos with spina bifida :)

Andy and Kiara said...

So much news! Praying for you about who you'll be matched with. So much to consider! God will give you wisdom. :)

Chuck and Heather said...

Oh I want that carrier! Do you like it? Is it easy to use?

Jamie said...

Our Ergo (or the beco we used to have) is the easiest because of the clips. The babyhawk or toddler hawk is great because you can get them really high up on your back, but you have to tie the straps, so it's not quite as easy. I love it, though.