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Friday, May 27, 2011

What happens when Madi gets bored of walking?

Oh, nothing big, she just decides to start jumping!  Yup, you heard it, Madi's newest favorite activity is hopping around everywhere.  She's so fun to watch!  This girl has some crazy arm strength!!


Chuck and Heather said...

Wow! She's so good!

Gretchen said...

Such a strong girl!!! Go Madi!

On a funny side note... through reading blogs I associate tones and voices in my mind to the writer... it's like I hear you guys reading your words to me in my mind as I read your stories... and your voice on the video clip is NOTHING like I assigned you :) It's funny what our minds do!

Jamie said...

Ha ha, I do that too :)

Meilani said...

Wow! Go Madi! She looks so cute all braced up and hopping around.