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Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack, with great news!

A little background on why I temporarily disappeared...

  • My computer hard drive crashed.  When it crashed, I lost the work I was working on for Wacap... hours of work.  Oh joy.  I started over, and did finally finish, but it took me about 3 nights of staying up until about 12:30 am to get it done.  Of course, about half way through, David recovered the things off my hard drive (I love having a tech-savvy and totally sexy hubby!) but I had already re-done that part of the work anyway.  Oh well, such is life!  I am buying a used netbook to save money, but still have a computer to use.  Some people love netbooks, some hate them, but I think it will work just well for me.
  • Our home computer got a virus and isn't working.  The only computer I had that did work was David's work computer, and I was super paranoid about getting a virus on that somehow, so I wouldn't check anything but facebook and my e-mail.  The computer still has a virus, but David is working on it.
A few days ago I checked craigslist for playgrounds, which I do every day or two.  On a whim, I searched for 'play set' instead of what I usually search, which is 'playground and play ground".  I came across a set that is made out of the nice Treks lumber, which is a lumber made out of recycled milk cartons and is very durable, can get wet, and stays cool to the touch.  I really wanted one of these sets, but a basic set with NO ramp was about $4,000, which was just too much to spend when it would still need to be modified and it was just very basic.  I went and looked at the set and the lay-out is perfect!!  It needs a new slide (the slide was cracked) and we will need to build a ramp, but the set was only $400 and in great condition!  WOW!  WE OFFICIALLY HAVE A PLAYGROUND!!  I've been singing from the roof tops.  It's been such a long time looking!  Before I show you pictures, here are things we need to do to it:
  1. Buy and attach a new slide
  2. Buy a new periscope and wheel, as those are too weathered to use
  3. Buy another set of chains and a buoy ball/ trapeze bar combo set (Madi uses the trapeze bar in therapy) and move the other swings down so that we can fit 3 swings
  4. Build and attach a ramp
  5. Optional- I REALLY want to attach a little pull-down table for the play area underneath so the kids can have picnics and play down there, but Madi can be sitting down if she wants.
  6. Optional- I'd love to build a little rock-climbing wall for Conner.  We have the rocks (they were donated and did not sell at the garage sale) so my dad would just need to help us build and attach it.
  7. Get a new swing for Madi with a little support and one that she can't fall out of.
  8. new update, forgot number 8~  It has all the attachments for a shade, so we just need to buy a new shade :)
But even with all of that, we will save a LOT of money!!  And for anyone looking to buy a semi-modified playground, cedarworks has the ability to customize a play set.  They are amazing to work with, and there is a lot of flexibility on ramps and stuff.  For example, you can have two separate deck heights and have slides on both deck, then ramps going to the decks.  The ramps are steeper ramps, but a child could probably crawl up them, especially to the lower level.  Ok, now for the pictures!

Watch for updated pictures of our project!  My dad is going out of town, then it's ramp building time!!


Stacy said...

Yay! Oh, and Trex is awesome stuff. My parents (in MI with the freeze/thaw cycle there and the hot summers) built a Trex deck when I was in late middle or early high school. Since then they have done NOTHING to it and it still looks great. Theirs faded to a light beige color and stayed that way. No splinters, no cracked boards, no wear and tear. Zero maintenance- no sanding, no staining no replacing. I think you can power wash it occasionally to get the dirt off but I don't think they've even done that. It does get hot to walk on in the summer, but pretty much everything does and it isn't as bad as blacktop or metal. I actually didn't know they built playground equipment out of Trex- that's pretty cool.

Colleen said...

Wow, that is super cool! I especially LOVE the steps! That will be great therapy too!

Jamie said...

We just have to make the steps level, but that's easy :). The last owner had them on a slant. Madi can't lift her leg up that high yet, or lift her body up yet, but I'm sure she'll get there eventually :).

Stacy- Glad to hear a good treks story!!!

Jessica said...

That's awesome!!

Gretchen said...

That is totally awesome!!!

And FYI... I have made many a replacement shade for play sets, so if you end up needing help with that let me know ;)