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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loving Our Amtryke, a Few Funnies, and a Few Updates

The weather has been beautiful outside so we have been spending as much time as we can enjoying it.  Madilynn has been really loving her Amtryke and, in fact, loves it so much sometimes she refuses to get out of it to eat, so I have to set up a make-shift table on the chair.  If I have to put away laundry, I pop her in and push her around with me.  Because her feet cycle when I push her or she uses the hand petals, it is amazing for her circulation.  I had to take a picture because it's just too cute!  In this picture I had tried to take her out and had already taken off her shoes and unstrapped her, but I put her back in when she started breaking down, which is why her feet are undone.  Normally her feet are strapped in as well.

And a few recent funnies from our house....

Me- Madi, how old are you?
Madi- (holds up 5 fingers and shouts) 3!
Me- Madi, you are not 3, you are 2.
Madi- No!  Madi 3!
Great, she's already trying to be older than she really is! 

#2- I was roasting a chicken on the rotisserie.  I already feel morbid enough while I do this and don't enjoy.  Then you add in Madi shouting, "Mmmmm, baby chicken!  YUM!  Baby chicken!  Cute chicken!" as I do it.  After I took it out to serve, I was cutting it in pieces and Conner kept pretending to make it talk saying "Ouch!  You are cutting me!  I don't like this!".  Thanks for the help, kiddos ;). 

- We get our grass in TOMORROW!
- Our first homestudy is in two weeks!  I guess we need 4 because we are trying for International.


Jessica said...

Ok, I've missed a few posts, so you may get a lot of comments from me today :). I LOVE the pic of her eating on the trike. How cute is that? We got Gage a Krazy Kar at Big Lots for Christmas. I had to modify it a bit because his legs are so short, but it's really cool and he loves it.

Gage does the SAME THING with his age!! What is that about?? People ask him how old he is, and he says 4. If they ask again, he'll say 5.

Jill said...

That's AWESOME and so so so cute!!

OMG, the chicken story... LMAO!!

Gretchen said...

LOL at the chicken story.... so you might like this story...

Whenever we eat pork the kids ALWAYS ask which pig we are eating and call it by name all through the meal... so new rule was put in place a number of years ago.. Butcher pigs can ONLY be named food items (i.e. Pork Chop, Bacon, Ham Hocks.. ect) :) They made me crazy saying things like "we are having pork chops from Rainbow and rice for dinner" ESPECIALLY when we had company over..