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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's so hard waiting!

Our first homestudy is Saturday (the first of 4) and I am so nervous and excited!  I think the hardest thing about adoption is the wait.  I just want to know if sweet Manasa will get to be ours.  I know that if we get her, it will be even harder to wait for her, but at least I can start sending her photos and little goodies.  Conner has decided we need to adopt a boy, a girl, and a baby.  This is down from 3 boys and 2 girls (not including himself and Madi, which would put us up to 7 kids!), so I'll take it :).  He is pretty suck on a boy, a girl, and a baby.  I don't think he realizes the baby would be a baby, but ALSO a boy or girl, he he.  He does make a good point, though.  If we adopt a boy, a girl, and a baby, they can play in our grass.  I guess that's what it boils down to, right?  Adopting children so they can play in your grass?  Gotta love that little guy, he is quite the little thinker! 

Please keep us in your prayers this week :).


Anonymous said...

The wait is the hardest part. THe homestudy will go well, I am sure...and they aren't grueling in anyway, just small stepping stones in the process. What a blessing this process is, yet extremely difficult for all involved. It is hard to believe we were where you are nearly 12 years ago. James will be 12 on Sunday. I will think of you often this weekend as we celebrate and you continue on in your journey. Love and prayers,

Joanna said...

I love it. They can play in your grass. How sweet is that! I just love your beautiful hearts! Praying for you - that everything will go smoothly and quickly! <3