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Thursday, March 3, 2011

It feels so real now

First off, a few pictures, because I love showing off my cute kids :)

 Conner's huge bubble, and look who is inside!  Ok, maybe not, but it looks like it!

Did I mention Madi is 2???  Yup, that means if you turn your back, she undoes an ENTIRE roll of paper towels.

Today we visited with some dear friends that we love very much.  They just had an adorable little boy, and of course, I HAD to get my hands on him.  We brought them dinner, a little baby gift, visited, and had a few laughs.  While they were there, they surprised us with something very thoughtful and amazing.... a gift/donation for our adoption fund!  It's our first monetary gift (many thoughtful and generous people have been giving us things for our garage sale), and it just made it feel so much more real.  It was really awesome!   It was then that it hit me; we have people behind us who love us, support us, and want to help out because they know we will be an amazing family to another child.  And, let me tell you, THAT is a great thing to know and feel!  We feel so loved today! 


ainemc said...

She is just beautiful! She seems like she likes to get up to mischief as soon as your back is turned :-)
I didn't know you were thinking of adopting, hows that going? Are you thinking of adopting from a different country or from America? x

Jamie said...

Right now we are hoping to get a little girl with spina bifida in Inida :)

ainemc said...

That is so amazing! I would love to adopt, but we're not there financially. I'm sure she is beautiful :-) I wish you all the luck in the world, I really do hope you get her :-) x

Gretchen said...

Isn't it the most amazing feeling when God uses someone "real" in your life to show you his great love and purpose for you? So glad you got to have that experience :) We have added your adapotion journey to our prayer wall :) I would love it if you could send me a picture of her or point me to one ... so we can add it to the one of your family on our prayer wall :)

Lifting you ALL up :)

Jamie said...

That would be awesome, Gretchen! If you e-mail me at jamie _ lugo @ hotmail . com (without spaces) I'll send you one :)