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Monday, March 14, 2011

A backyard update

My dad called me the other day ready to start our backyard.  That's when I froze.  We had all of these amazing backyard plans to make the backyard usable for the kiddos.  We had money saved up for the backyard.  I had worried and fretted and spent countless hours on planning the backyard.  But then, we started our adoption process, and I forgot about the backyard.  I was not sure if we should still work on our backyard, even though we had the money saved for it, as we are now trying to pay for an adoption.  While the backyard wouldn't take away from the adoption, it is money that could add to the adoption.  Decisions, decisions. 

After much thought, I decided we'd at least get grass in and the covering that makes the grass wheelchair accessible, even if we do not get a play structure (though two very wonderful and generous family members have offered to help us with that part, so that would hopefully not be too much extra expense), so that our backyard is more usable.  We are very fortunate to have a nice pool that the previous owners put in before they, sadly, lost the house, which I am very thankful for (not that they lost it, I hate that we got an amazing deal at their expense, just that they put in a nice pool).  The rest of the backyard, though, is all rocks.  Big, sharp, pointy, crappy rocks.  The dog plays fetch and comes back with torn up paws.  He digs in the rocks and cuts his nose up.  Madi cannot crawl or walk in her HKFOs out there because the rocks are big and sharp.  They are hot and miserable in the summer.  I hate them.  The summer is almost upon us and I want the kids to be able to play on a cool surface, run (or ride ;)) through the sprinklers, and be able to enjoy the grass beneath their feet.  Once I start homeschooling, I want them to be able to play without having to drive to a park.  We have been talking about our backyard plans with the kids, taking them to playground stores, and they (mainly Conner) have been asking about it a lot.  We cut corners, had garage sales, and saved and saved and saved for this project.  But the truth of the matter is, I feel selfish.  When you compare something optional (grass in the backyard) with something as huge as adopting a child, it just seems.... selfish!  I was really, really struggling!

When we found out we were getting a tax refund that would pay for our home study, as well as the next two big chunks of fees we have to pay to Wacap after our home study is approved (fingers crossed!), we decided to go ahead with the backyard.  God has provided abundantly so far, and I believe He will continue.  Hopefully we will have three precious children to be able to enjoy it!  I'm not sure if this is the right decision, but I pray it is.  I will share a few pictures of our backyard progress, but first, I had to share a few sweet stories...

- Conner told me he really wanted to go to the snow.  I told him that would be a lot of fun and that we can try to drive up next winter to see it.  He told me that first we need to go and get "the little girl that needs a family" so that she could see it too.  He said she would really like to see the snow and that we should bring her and be her family.  Oh, dear child, I wish it was just that easy!

- David was talking to the tax guy and telling him why we were needing to know if we will be getting a refund.  He told her he was hoping to use the money towards adopting his daughter.  It made my heart melt.

And a verse that has been in my mind and on my heart a lot lately...

"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5

Our backyard before....

And our work in progress...

My dad is a general contractor and is heading up the project for us.  The kids are LOVING having him around in the morning.  They wake up asking for him!  It is also amazing to be able to get such a great deal on things and it helps SO SO SO much!

Digging out the rocks

Hauling away the rocks... 3 dump truck loads full!  There was SO much rock!

Conner got a ride

Digging footings for a retaining wall

 Leveling the ground

My dad hard at work

Madi loves the wubble (shovel)


Meilani said...

Looks promising! Keep us posted. Can't wait to see it all come together.

Stephanie said...

Excited about seeing your backyard transformation! Cant wait for the "after" pictures. And speaking of pictures, that last one, of your Dad with Madi, is just so precious! It just tugged at my heart! :)

REALLY, REALLY can't wait to hear more about your adoption, and see the pictures of your THREE kids together!

-Stephanie :)

J said...

I Love it thanks for the update! Can't wait to see you......GOD IS GOOD!

Weezy said...

Everything looks great...and kiddos are precious!!

Chuck and Heather said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of work. But it will SO be worth it. Adorable pics too. ;)

Kira =] said...

What an awesome Dad you have!! so great to see the progress made so far!