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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Miss

Little Miss is two.  I know, I know, she's been two for quite some time now.  What I mean is, Little miss is two.  She knows (most of the time) exactly what she wants, how she wants it, where she wants it, and, occasionally, why she wants it.  She is still nursing, though it is not very often any more, which makes me a bit sad (not because I think I'll miss it, but because I know how much good it does for her and I worry about constipation and the such once she stops).  She is developing such a little personality and it is really awesome to watch.  She tells jokes, then makes sure to tell you "I funny", just in case you missed it.  We are working on asking, not demanding, and she is getting pretty good at saying "please".  She is also great at "thank you" and has an "I love you" that will melt your heart.  So, without further ado, here are some updated pictures, as well as some updates, on little miss:

Madi, Cousin Micah, and Conner

Madi being her silly self

Messy play at it's finest

A trip to the Science Center with Hope Kids

Here dad, this peach is healthy, you eat it.  I want the donut.

Such a little helper

Working hard and playing a little too

Madi's HKFO adjustment.  I had the back cut wayyyyy down because it gets in the way.  She is doing great without that portion of her HKFOs, but at our next adjustment, I want Ron to lob off the top sides too.  She needs the support around her lower torso, but not up her back.  Ideally I'd like her to be able to sit in her car seat with her HKFOs on so that we are not always doing the in and out thing, and also to encourage her to stay in them and use them while we are out.  If we cut off the top sides, this should be totally doable.  Right now I cannot get her positioned in a way I feel is safe because the top part sticks out.  Oh, and they look loose because I haven't been using the top Velcro to get her used to not having it, but also so that she can sit in them better.

We love the learning tower!

Making gluten-free, dairy free bagels and "cream cheese"

Bean time.... dad's favorite time ;)

Poor little guy got an abscessed molar that had to come out.  He spent a few hours sleeping on my like this afterwards as the dentist didn't want him laying down flat, and Conner just needed mommy.  He's such a lovey 4 year old!  I have to keep myself strong for Madi (and hopefully Manasa ;)) so this is good practice.

We are rushing to get everything in line for our home study.  We got fingerprinted on Monday and, of course, Conner had to get "fingerprinted" too.  The lady that did our prints was such a good sport and did Conner's prints for him too.  He is very excited for our upcoming adoption (fingers crossed!!) and has promised to be helpful and a good big brother.


Unknown said...

Such cute kiddos! Good luck with the adoption, hopefully it all works out! Thanks for all the clothes you sent Ruth, they will be perfect for this summer!

Gretchen said...

great update :)

I still use my ergo with both of mine at times, glad too see I am not the only one!