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Monday, March 7, 2011

God is amazing!

I have been hemming and hawing with this adoption paperwork.  All we need to do is finish our 4-10 page autobiographies and we are DONE with all of our paperwork to start the home study process.  I've been really bad about working on mine, though, because I needed to wait to find out if we would owe on taxes before I took the money out of savings to pay for the home study, and since I'm a procrastinator, in my mind, I had time.  I've been saying that it will be awesome if we don't owe, but amazing if we get enough back to cover the home study.  We don't have our final refund number yet, but looking at roughly what we will get we'll have enough for the home study, enough to put up the little retaining wall in our backyard so we can put in grass, and still have some left over for the next few chunks of adoption fees!!!  AH!!!  I was so excited I had to call my mom and tell her.  It is so reassuring and I feel like God is telling us, "Hey, you were stressed about $1,200, and look, I already had a plan for that, and then some, so stop that worrying already!"

Conner is quite the creative boy ;)


Diana said...

Yay! Praise God! What wonderful news!

Chuck and Heather said...

God works in mysterious ways doesn't He? I'm so excited for you as you enter this adoption process!

Gretchen said...

Praise you Lord, for your love and provision never ceases to amaze us!