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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enjoying our grass

We have really been enjoying our grass.  We had a slight mishap with over watering it, and therefore watering our dirt and street too, but short of that, we've been spending a lot of time runnning and playing in it.  Today we decided to have a picnic outside.  The weather is getting warm but it is still enjoyable.  We do not have a playset yet, but are working on that.  We are still waiting for the handicap accessible matting the grass grows through to be delivered as well.  All in due time :). 

In other news, I'm glad to say Madi's poo is back to normal.  When you have a kiddo with spina bifida, you worry a lot about poo and if they are getting constipated or not.  Lots of kiddos with spina bifida do not feel the pressure when they have to go.  Others feel the pressure but cannot push well enough to get cleared out on there own.  Lots of kiddos go on bowel management programs.  We do not do a bowel management program yet, so I have to watch her closely.  We were out of town for the weekend visiting family and ate more processed foods than normal.  Then Madi's papa fed her cheese noodles.  We all went gluten, dairy, wheat, and peanut free a while back, so Madi hasn't had food like that for a while.  It lead to lots of tummy aches and constipation, which is just no fun.  After lots of beans and a morning with little sleep and lots of nursing, I am happy to say all is flowing well again in the Veprek household.  Today Conner was dancing around showing Madi how to push by making silly faces, and Madi was laughing hysterically (which helps her push).  I was wondering to myself, "do other famillies do this too?"  Probably not, but that's ok. 


Jill said...


And I'm so jealous that you're eating outside! :p I WANT SPRING!! :)

ainemc said...

Glad to hear the poop is back to normal!!

Your back garden looks so cool. We have lots of grass but it's so lumpy and bumpy that I know Caitlin will struggle with it :(

Gretchen said...

TOTALLY get the giggle/laugh fest going to push the poops out around here too!! Anything to get him laughing like crazy :) The other (not so fun one) that we do is grabbing the ankles while sitting there.... which in turns leads to lots of laughing about that fun position!