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Thursday, January 7, 2016

We Hope to be Good to Go

Today we were able to pick up Deena's Visa at the US embassy.  Afterward we went back down to the FRRO office with the rest of our copies and documentation.  The FRRO office told me I did a "noble" job of preparing my paperwork and making copies for them, but continued to ask me about David and why he was not here.  I informed them they had already talked to CARA and were told it was ok for us to leave.  The finally decided things were ok and told me to come back tomorrow to get our paperwork so that we can leave tomorrow night.  My tummy was in knots the whole time because this is all a new process, the embassy can only do so much to help us navigate it, it's not part of CARA's requirements, and we cannot leave without it.  I talked to two other US families and one was having a hard time getting what they needed.  I'm really praying when we go tomorrow the documents are all ready and we will be cleared to go back to the US.  Though we have really enjoyed our time here, we miss our families back home, and I, of course, worry about Madi and her seizures.

The last few days have been spent working on paperwork, but we have had lots of fun as well.  Yesterday we went back to MaxMed to get her TB test read, went to the embassy, then enjoyed going to the mall, out to eat, and shopping in the city.  We've also just spent some time relaxing and resting.  We have been sleeping pretty well so I am very thankful for that!! 

Please pray we can get our paperwork tomorrow and we have safe travels home.  I'll update again when I am able and cannot wait to have ALL of my babies together!

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