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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Day at the Taj

Yesterday was a fun day out and a nice reprieve from our busy schedule.  Monday we had gotten Deena's TB test, and since we cannot get it read for 48 hours, and we cannot go to the embassy for her visa or to the FRRO office until we got the documentation that she does not have TB, we decided to go see the Taj Mahal.

The ride was long, about 4 hours each way, but the Taj Mahal was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing the countryside.  We also saw monkeys in the city and were super excited about that! 

The Taj was pretty crowded because there's a winter holiday right now and I was glad I had the wheelchair for Deena.  I had to carry her up to the Taj, but our guide and my friend Kariann helped surround us to keep people from bumping her.  Unfortunately I could not take her inside because there were just so many people I knew I could not keep her safe and from getting bumped.  We decided to keep her right outside and take turns going in.  You can see the graves and inner dome inside, but the rest is closed off so it doesn't take long at all.

The Taj took 22 years to build and the architecture and symmetry of the building is truly amazing! 

Here are some photos from our adventure...

Photos from our drive...


Enjoying the bus ride to the Taj Mahal

Each of these flowers is made out of precious and semi-previous gemstones

The kids were not enjoying the pictures and said they were DONE.... until I went to take one with just Kariann and I...

We ate before heading back out but Conner REALLY wanted to try McDonalds in India so he also got fries.  Deena got ice cream and LOVED it!

We enjoyed our "down day" were excited to see the Taj Mahal while we were in India.  I'll end with a little clip from our car ride home.  Most of the drive was on an express highway, but there was quite some time home through the city as well.  Traffic here is crazy!!  This clip is pretty mild, but it shows how crowded the streets usually are.  I'll take a day video to show the traffic a bit better.


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