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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Conner

This morning was Conner's birthday (in India, at least, because of the time difference) and he turned 9!  Our hotel, the Jaypee Vasant Continental, has spoiled him rotten and he couldn't be more excited.  Our driver also brought him chocolate, which was very sweet of him!  Later today we plan to go eat somewhere yummy as well.  He's one happy boy!

Today at Breakfast...

When we got back to our room they had another cake waiting for him too!  He's in cake heaven!  We are ignoring our food sensitivities for the day so that he can enjoy them.  They are much less sweet than our cakes, though, and do not seem to be upsetting his tummy, so that is good!


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Unknown said...

Luckily the wheat in India is more pure so likely not an issue. Same with dairy