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Friday, January 8, 2016

Hoping We Got it Under Control

Those of you whom are my Facebook friends may have seen my post yesterday that we found lice in Deena's hair.  I was SO glad we found them here, before heading home.  It was getting late but we decided to take a taxi to the closest chemist (aka pharmacy) and get some stuff to treat us all, just to be safe.  We did the kiddos first so they could go to bed.  After using the bottled stuff we put butter in Deena's hair to make sure we had suffocated all of them.  We couldn't get our hands on mayo and had read online that butter works the same, but is safer since mayo spoils so quickly.  Next we sanitized the room and contained everything we could in to bags to go home for washing and drying.   Today we picked nits and then made sure the hotel changed/washed all the bedding and pillowcases and stuff, and also cleaned things ourselves.  After heading to FRRO we got a different kind of lice oil, which was also natural, and treated ourselves again.  After new shirts for all of us from the closest mall (so we could make sure they were clean), and showering, we are hopefully all clear.  We do have some stuff waiting for us at home as well, though, so we can triple check.  I'll also make sure to wash and dry everything very well and/or sanitize and/or quarantine it, including stuffed animals, toys, clothes, suite cases, and anything that came with us on vacation. 

A big "thank you" to everyone who shared your tips on dealing quickly with our discovery.  I'm thankful Kariann also knew just how to deal with everything and was here to help me.  Especially since I cannot bathe Deena because of her cast. She helped me clean her hair while I held her carefully across my body with her head in the sink.  Whew!  The fun just never ends!

Here's Deena's cute new dress that she picked.  It has buildings, kitties, and birds on it...



A Worthy Journey said...

Her hair is so cute all fluffed out

Jan J. said...

I am enjoying your adoption journey to bring Deena home. I don't even rembmer how I found your blog, but as an adoptive mom of two from China I still love adoption stories! I fell in love with a little girl in India, but it did not work out. It must be so much easier that she knows some English! My second daughter was almost 7 when I got her, and I felt so badly for her not really knowing what was going on. She did not take well to being adopted. Deena looks so happy and content with you already. God bless you as you begin your new life with Deena!