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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Finally a Video and Update

I officially have all of my luggage and can post a video of David and the kiddos meeting Deena.  It's not very exciting because David had the bird with him and couldn't meet us inside.  We were driving straight to Tucson after they picked me up and they had been staying in Phoenix.  David not only had the bird but also had our car packed to the brim.  The first thing we are going to do when our lot or house sell is get a bigger vehicle!  Without further-ado, here's a video of them all meeting for the first time.

Overall, the adjustment to having Deena home is going very well.  I would say so far it was a bigger adjustment to bring Ramya home then Deena.  I think that's partially due to their temperaments and how they did adjusting, partially due to us knowing what to expect, and partially due to the rest of the kiddo's ages.  Ramya is probably having the hardest time adjusting, which I expected, but she's doing much better.  Ramya has always seemed to struggles with her confidence and knowing where she fits.  There's something there, but she can't verbalize it.  I try to talk through it with her but she's not ready to talk yet.  It is always worse when we go through change or transition.  When Deena first came home I think Ramya was trying to show off, but was doing that by being very rude and harsh to Madi and myself.  It was starting to rub off on Deena so Ramya and I had multiple talks and things are getting much better there.  Ramya also still takes a very long time to eat, but that gives Deena and Madi some time to play and bond.  Deena was already very attached to Conner since he came with me to India.  

There's so much I need to catch up on around the house, but I'm trying not to stress about it and just to enjoy our time together.  The kiddos also enjoy "helping" so we have been slowly getting things put back in to place together.  

Deena is a very sweet girl and is already loving hugs and kisses and is already telling us she loves us.  If I get more than about 10 feet away I hear "mommmmeeeeeee, where are youuuuuuu?" in her cute little accent.  She likes playing, but also enjoys her snuggle time, being sung to, and having David or I play with her and the other kiddos.  Play-dough seems to be her favorite activity so far.  She has a spunky streak as well, but of course she wouldn't fit in here if she didn't.  Her favorite foods are noodles and pizza, which cracks me up.  She has a funny sense of humor and always has us laughing.  

In other news, I am working on getting her added to our private insurance.  We have an appointment with a new orthopedic surgeon here in Tucson in February to have her fracture and cast looked at.  I still will likely have her see Dr. Goggins, but would like someone closer to help us deal with any urgent things, like fractures, as well.  She also has an appointment with our endocrinologist in March.  I'm praying I can get her on insurance by those appointments since she will likely need a lot of testing.  We also plan on starting PAM infusions and those will be quite costly.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged or sent me a text to check in.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

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